FIFA has again levied a feckless fine against Mexico after its fans chanted the anti-gay “Puto” during its World Cup opening match against Germany.

The fine was a minute $10k, a number so absurdly inconsequential to Mexico Soccer that the amount underlines and bolds FIFA’s message to the rest of the world that soccer’s governing body has absolutely no interest in, or commitment to, stopping fans from offending LGBTQ people around the world with an anti-gay chant in stadiums.

This is nothing new. FIFA has fined Mexico over and over and over again for these chants and it hasn’t stopped them. Fans screamed the anti-gay chant at the World Cup four years ago and all that’s happened is more fines.

The is only one way to stop this behavior: Clear stadiums and order Mexico to play in front of empty stands. Period. Full stop. That’s it. All of these efforts with fines will remain completely useless as Mexico fans and FIFA continue to give a big middle finger to the LGBTQ community.