Elliot Trotter can throw a Frisbee just about any way possibly imaginable.

The professional Ultimate Frisbee player has created a fantastic new video series to help you learn every which way to throw a disc (that’s Frisbee in Ultimate terms)!

Titled “Totally Useful Throws,” Trotter walks viewers through some pretty incredible — and sometimes almost unimaginable — ways to get a disc from point A to point B.

While many people outside of Ultimate may be impressed with a simple forehand or hammer, Trotter opens up the world of disc throwing to some pretty incredible throws.

Want to totally impress your friends on the beach or the field this summer? Trotter shares his insights into throws like The Future, The Shovel and The Windmill.

Trotter came out publicly in an Outsports article in 2013. He is an occasional contributor to Skyd magazine. He won a U.S. Beach National Championship this May.

You can follow Elliot Trotter on Youtube, on Facebook /elliottrotter, on Instagram @dangerlamp, or on Twitter @DangerLamp. His YouTube channel is called Ultimate Globe Trotter. Brilliant.