Nike has been rolling out some advertising campaigns of trailblazing athletes, the latest of which is South African runner Caster Semenya. As Gay Star News pointed out, it is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the company’s famous “Just Do It” campaign that has featured so many inspiring athletes over the years.

Few athletes from the Olympics have had to endure the scrutiny that Semenya has experienced over the last several years. She has been questioned about her gender and at one point barred from competing as a woman. Most recently the international track and field body released guidelines for athletes specifically aimed at barring Semenya from competing, a disgusting display of bigotry that still plagues international sport.

Nike has not shied away from featuring LGBTQ athletes before. Chris Mosier was previously the focus of a powerful campaign. The trans triathlete has been upending gender norms for many years. Out gay soccer player Megan Rapinoe has also been featured in a previous Nike ad.

Regardless of whether or not Semenya is intersex, she is LGBTQ as she married her girlfriend last year. She is a proud member of the community, and we wholeheartedly support her inclusion in women’s sports.

You can follow Caster Semenya on Twitter @Caster800m, or on Instagram @CasterSemenya800m.