Anthony Bowens, the openly bisexual pro wrestler who came out publicly last year, is in a new commercial for Domino’s Pizza, and this time he’s wearing a different uniform.

Bowens is being featured on TV sets across Australia as the closing shot of a fun new campaign from Domino’s Pizza’s New York pizza. Check it out:

While the ad is running in Australia, it makes sense that Bowens would be an American football player given the New York milieu the commercial puts forward.

Bowens told Outsports that, in addition to his professional wrestling, he is also an actor and has done other commercials. Previously Bowens was cast as a wrestler in a slapstick commercial for Lunchables:

It’s great to see these companies having no fear in hiring an out LGBTQ athlete as part of their commercials. It’s yet still more evidence that Western culture is moving forward full-speed ahead.

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