Adam Rippon just keeps going and going and going.

The medal-winning star of the 2018 Winter Olympics continues to make himself relevant, even six months after the Olympic Games. This time he’ll be appearing as a guest star on this season’s Will & Grace, the hit NBC show that returned with a bang last year.

Rippon’s appearance on the show was announced late last week:

Rippon has been a media star since his big Olympic splash in South Korea. He has been all over magazines, television and the Internet, even hosting red carpet shows for the Oscars and the ESPYs.

There aren’t many athletes who have found media success while not basing their presence in the sports media. Frankly none come to mind. Rippon continues to break the mold with his personality and wit. Hopefully his appearance on Will & Grace is a huge success and he continues to build a career off the ice.