Professional wrestler Anthony Bowens posted a heartfelt social-media message on New Year’s Day letting his fans know that he now identifies as gay.

In 2017 Bowens came out as bisexual in a video produced with his boyfriend, Michael Pavano. Almost two years later, Bowens’ personal identity has evolved.

“As people move on in their lives, the way they view the world and themselves tends to change and I’m no different,” Bowens wrote on social media this week. “Which is why if you are to label me, I prefer to identify as gay.”

Many gay men consider themselves bisexual for a time. Olympic diver Tom Daley is one of them, stating he was bisexual when he first came out, then declaring he is gay after dating his now-husband, Dustin Lance Black, for a period of time.

I also personally had about a six-month period when I called myself bisexual. I’m actually really, really gay.

On the other hand, some people are bisexual and identify as bisexual. That is truly who they are. The journeys of Bowens, Daley or others don’t invalidate the bisexual identities of countless other people.

We at Outsports are always happy when people are able to find their true selves and express that freely. It’s also cool that he is willing to share his identity journey with others in the public, some of whom no doubt are on a similar path.

Late last year Bowens made his IMPACT wrestling debut and showcased himself as a five-tool player.

We’re happy for Bowens and excited to continue to follow him on his journey through life and professional wrestling.