Mark Bingham and gay rugby are again taking center stage in the rugby world, this time with a powerful new documentary from the folks at World Rugby.

Bingham was one of the passengers on United 93’s flight on Sept. 11, 2001, who helped take down the plane before it was able to reach its target in Washington, D.C. He was gay and an active rugby and flag football player.

The new hour-long documentary from World Rugby spends time with various people in IGRAB, as well as Bingham’s mother, Alice Hogland, who has embraced the gay-rugby movement since her son was killed. It also gives a glimpse into the 2018 Bingham Cup, held in Amsterdam. The Bingham Cup is a rugby tournament formed and named in honor of Bingham.

There have been other documentaries chronicling the life of Bingham and the rise of gay rugby tournaments and teams, and it’s great to see his legacy continue to be shared, almost 20 years after his death.

Check out the documentary on Bingham and gay rugby:

h/t: Jon Holmes