Let’s start by ignoring some basic facts.

ESPN2’s Katie Nolan, host of the network’s late-night comedy series, “Always Late,” is 32. So, she couldn’t possibly be mom to 34-year-old Megan Rapinoe, 31-year-old Kelley O’Hara and 30-year-old Alex Morgan. Also, let’s just be clear: these world champion heroes of the U.S. Women’s National Team are not, in real life, sisters. And even if they were, what are the odds that two of the three sisters would be lesbian?

Hell, I kept expecting Nolan to stop along the way to pick up James Corden for some karaoke.

But all that said, if the 49ers can really be off to their best start since 1990, the Bengals to their worst start since 2008, why can’t Nolan play soccer mom to Rapinoe, O’Hara and Morgan? Just this one time, let’s play along.

Besides, it’s all for fun, and for comedy, and spilling a little soccer tea during their post-practice carpool. Be sure not to miss Nolan’s comments on the players passing “fads,” like who’s vegan and who’s gay. Rapinoe’s response was awesome, but I wondered if Nolan was referring to O’Hara’s post-game makeout with her girlfriend in the stands session?

And about halfway through, watch how these women weave in a little social commentary about the USWNT’s ongoing wage battle against U.S. Soccer.

Thanks, Katie Nolan and ESPN2!