It was quite a decade for Outsports and the NFL dominates the list of the 12 most-read stories of the decade, including four of the top six.

Also popular were coming out stories and pieces on penis size and the SI swimsuit issue.

Our No. 1 story continues to get traffic every time a certain Fox NFL analyst does a game.

The Top 12 of the 2010s:

No. 12: Jason Alexander offers the greatest apology in history for ‘gay cricket’ joke (2012)

We never thought a story involving George Constanza and cricket would crack the list.

No 11. Cockocracy: Size matters in the locker room, researcher finds (2014)

News flash: Guys look in the locker room and now some research proves it.

No. 10. After seeing Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, I don’t want to hear criticism about gay men looking at athletes ever again (2015)

There was a double standard about appreciating the male and female body, but by decade’s end ESPN’s Body Issue became an equal-gender chronicler.

No. 9. Villanova swim team takes gay teammate to Chipotle for his coming out party (2015)

Acceptance comes along with a chicken burrito and a side of guacamole.

No. 8. A former Dallas Cowboy comes out as gay and will marry his boyfriend (2018)

The decade began with same-sex marriage illegal most everywhere, so this event shows the arc of progress.

No. 7 A gay West Virginia high school soccer player comes out by dancing with the prom king (2014)

In a deeply conservative state, a simple prom dance means a lot and goes viral.

No. 6. We get it Aaron Rodgers: You’re not gay (2015)

Aaron Rodgers is not gay.

No. 5. The three gayest logos in NFL history (2017)

Bucco Bruce, Pat Patriot and an Oiler roughneck — those were classic NFL logos.

No. 4. 18 out LGBT participants in the 2015 women’s World Cup (2015)

The women take the lead in being out and proud in sports

No. 3. Former Patriots and Chiefs tackle Ryan O’Callaghan comes out as gay (2017)

A player goes from the depths to despair to a role model for LGBTQ athletes everywhere.

No. 2. Gay Kentucky basketball player comes out at a game, gets chased by opposing team (2015)

A player decides to live out and proud and not everyone takes it well but he perseveres.

No. 1 Troy Aikman: I’ve chosen to not date men (2015)

The former Cowboys quarterback and longtime Fox analyst calls being gay a lifestyle that people choose.