Outsports first published in November 1999 and in our nearly 20 years of existence we have written about thousands of gay, lesbian, bi, trans and queer people in sports.

The athletes, coaches, trainers, athletic department staff, front office employees, media and others connected to sports have told powerful stories that have inspired others to share their truth.

Often, though, these stories are one-offs and we never hear from the person again unless they’re in a high-profile sport. A new series, “Being Out,” hopes to change this, with the first installment running Tuesday.

Each article will focus on an LGBTQ sports person who has been out and what that experience has been like. Each person answers six questions about being out, the sport they love, their inspiration and their most memorable sports moment, among others. The answers are illuminating, sometimes funny but always inspiring.

Being Out will focus on people who were out at all levels of sports, even if their playing days are behind them. Out first Being Out will focus on Joanna Lohman, the pro soccer star who just retired and has been a longtime activist.

I am indebted to Nick Lee, a graduating tennis player at Vassar, who wrote a great coming out story last year and helped me formulate the questions for the series. Of course, I then made him answer them for his own Being Out, which will run later this week.

If you are an LGBTQ person in sports who has already come out want to be a part of Being Out, email Jim ([email protected]).