The Los Angeles Dodgers’ LGBT Night, held last Friday to acknowledge, honor and support the LGBTQ community, drew the biggest crowd of fans for any Dodgers game since 2012 en route to selling a record number of tickets specifically for the LGBT Night package.

The Dodgers told Outsports that an estimated 12,000 fans attended the game specifically because it was the team’s LGBT Night. The team sold out of its LGBT Night ticket package and many LGBTQ fans bought regular game tickets to attend the game.

LGBT Night also drew the biggest crowd of any Major League Baseball game this season. Dodger Stadium has the largest capacity of any MLB stadium.

Every year for the last few years the Dodgers have held the most well-attended LGBT Pride Night in all of sports. It’s easy to understand why. In addition to donning Chavez Ravine with rainbow flags and numerous other ways to roll out the red carpet for LGBTQ fans (and non-fans), the team demonstrates a yearlong commitment to the community. The Dodgers have partnerships with LA Pride, various LGBTQ sports leagues and businesses, and this week are sponsoring Outsports Pride, including a Field Day at Dodger Stadium.

“I couldn’t be happier to make this event grow each and every year, but I am most proud of the Dodgers year-round relationship with the LGBTQ community,” said Dodgers Senior Vice-President Erik Braverman. “Sure, it is gratifying to bring everyone together to celebrate our pride at a Dodger game but I want fans to know that the Dodger organization values them and embraces them 365 days a year.”

Braverman said producer Andrew Sync is largely responsible for the success of the event as well as the team’s connection to the community, one of the unsung heroes in this powerful relationship between LGBTQ people and baseball’s most successful and popular team.

Another way the team is committing to the LGBTQ community is the announcement of Billie Jean King Bobblehead night on Sept. 21, where the first 40,000 fans in attendance will receive a bobblehead of the LGBTQ icon and Dodgers part owner. They unveiled the bobblehead at LGBT Night:

Billie Jean King with the bobblehead the Dodgers will give out on Sept. 21.

Braverman said he’s already planning ways with Sync to make the Dodgers’ 2020 LGBT Night even better than this year.