Time once again for Outsports to stop the clock for an instant reply of the week that was. It’s my way of memorializing the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them.

Since the days between Christmas and New Year’s seem to get lost in the shuffle, this week’s list goes beyond just the last seven days.

I realize my roster may differ from yours, and I welcome your comments, contributions and critiques. I read them all! Details on how to reach me are below, after our look at the winners, losers and hopefuls for this last two weeks of 2019 and this first week of 2020.

Winners: Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris for their soccer star-studded wedding

A who’s who of soccer royalty witnessed the wedding of USWNT stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger in Miami, Fla.

Harris tweeted an amaaaazing selfie from the wedding for New Year’s Eve:

Loser: WWE still sees LGBTQ people as a shock-inducing punchline

Monday’s Liv Morgan-Lana angle was more proof that LGBTQ wrestling fans shouldn’t expect positive representation from WWE anytime soon.

Hopefuls: Married lesbian Olympic champions call out J.K. Rowling’s views on the trans community

British gold medalists Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh express disappointment with one of their country’s most well-known authors.

Winner: Minor League Baseball celebrates Lakewood BlueClaws for their response to Pride Night protest

The BlueClaws’ determination to celebrate the LGBTQ community in the face of opposition earns a citation from MiLB.

Loser: Margaret Court piles on from the pulpit

50 years after a grand slam season, the tennis icon-turned-pastor slams the LGBTQ community, especially trans athletes.

Winner: Martina slams homophobe Margaret Court for ‘hiding behind her Bible’

Tennis icon Martina Navratilova called out Australian tennis legend Margaret Court in a tweet: “amazing how strong her homophobia truly is…”

Hopeful: Prime Time Pro Wrestling places control of LGBTQ-focused event Butch v. Gore in LGBTQ hands

Non-binary PTPW co-founder Lolo McGrath and gay wrestler Billy Dixon look to shake up pro wrestling Pride events by taking reins from PTPW owner Mister Gator.

Winner: Outsports Person of the Year and the Decade: Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe used her incredible 2019 soccer success to bring attention to social-justice issues. And throughout the 2010s, she has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights, for equal pay, for transgender rights and for our youth. She is a role model, a leader, and a lightning rod for the enemies of equality and individuality.

Winners: Recipients of the Outsports Awards for 2019

CeCé Telfer, America’s eight out college football players, Caster Semenya, JayCee Cooper, Rob Kearney and SonicFox were chosen for year-end honors. The IAAF, now going by the name World Athletics, received the Asshole of the Year award,

Winners: ‘The Outsports 20’ (plus 5 more)

Outsports chose 20 stars from across the world of LGBTQ sports who had an impact on the 2010s. We also named five more honorees who made their mark on the decade: Fallon Fox for her bravery, Elena Delle Donne for being an inspiration, Caitlyn Jenner for the impact her coming out has had, and Dale Scott and Ryan O’Callaghan for being trailblazers in two of America’s favorite sports.

Loser: Olympian Sharron Davies compares drag shows to ‘blackface’

Seemingly out of nowhere, the British silver medalist issues a tweet comparing drag queens to ‘blackface.’

Hopeful: Sue Bird makes plans to build a nest someday

WNBA and Team USA superstar Sue Bird gets candid about her plans for potential parenthood with Megan Rapinoe.

Winner: Former Arena League QB thanks ‘gay Twitter’ for debate photo going viral

That’s dreamy Luke Collis behind moderator Judy Woodruff.

Luke Collis became ‘Debate Daddy’ at the Democratic debate, for which he thanked ‘gay Twitter.’

Loser: 3-time Olympian Inga Thompson removed from Oregon Bicycle Racing Assn. board, but not because of transphobia

“I do not hear trans voices calling for a separate ‘trans only’ racing category,” said trans racer Molly Cameron, referring to Thompson’s campaign. “I hear trans voices calling for acceptance…” The effort to remove the Olympian Inga Thompson from her position on the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association board of directors was ultimately successful, but only because Thompson was found to have violated the board’s confidentiality in speaking about its decision to retain her. Thompson called the board spineless. Her opponents suggest this is an example of what happens when intransigent transphobia meets executive indecisiveness.

Winner: Gay announcer Mark Adam Haggerty joins Major League Wrestling

Haggerty’s signing makes him the first out gay ring announcer for a nationally-televised American wrestling promotion.

Lost: Gamers mourn Maria ‘Remilia’ Creveling, 24, first woman to compete in LCS

Those close to Twitch streamer and former professional League of Legends player Maria “Remilia” Creveling say she died in her sleep.

Hopeful: A New Year’s message to transphobes from the managing editor

I wrote an op-ed responding to hateful messages targeting trans women athletes and all transgender people. It was well-received by trans people and allies, and condemned by 99% of TERFs and trolls. But I did hear from one “gender critical” person that made it all worthwhile, and their message filled me with hope for the future:

“This is honestly pretty reasonable. It’s the first time I can remember a trans person speaking out against “TERFs” and sounding reasonable. This seems like someone actually interested in figuring out reality in good faith, not bullying the questioning into acquiescence.”

”For the record, I’m not sold on their points. But this seems like a step in the right direction.”

That’s all for this week! I’ll bring you a fresh list of winners and losers next Saturday. Got a name I missed, or want to challenge my choices? Comment here or on Facebook or Instagram, tweet at us, message me via any social media, or just plain email me at [email protected] Thanks!

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