Here’s this week’s list of winners and losers, beginning with a story from last week that is still among the top 3 most-read stories for this week! And in keeping with the theme of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing, I ask you to declare your “preference:” Yay or nay?

YAY: Rob Gronkowski, DeAndre Hopkins among NFL players in video for National Coming Out Day

NOT GAY, BUT AN ALLY: Rob Gronkowski #87 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers waves to fans after a game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Raymond James Stadium on October 04, 2020 in Tampa, Fla.

NFL video for National Coming Out Day features gay and bi former players, along with current players showing their support.

NAY: Amy Coney Barrett lied

Judge Amy Coney Barrett said in 2017 that she did not believe the Alliance Defending Freedom was an anti-LGBTQ hate group. And yet at this week’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, she claimed to be unaware of ADF’s efforts.

YAY: Harvard lacrosse player to teammates: ‘Guys, I’m gay’

The sport has often been a hostile space for LGBTQ players, but when Noah Knopf came out, he felt liberated and says it’s been ‘sunshine, rainbows and lacrosse’ ever since.

NAY: It wasn’t long ago that some baseball fans wore homophobia on their chests

The Cubs/White Sox fan rivalry turned ugly when it played out as bigoted t-shirts.

YAY: Lesbian cyclist Camille Balanche makes history

Balanche is the first out lesbian cyclist to win the UCI Downhill Mountain Biking World Championship.

YAY: British soccer player Matt Morton comes out at age 30

Morton dated women when he was in his 20s. But when things didn’t feel right, he began understanding more about who he was.

YAY: This gay football player’s superpowers against bullying were coming out and empowering himself

Jacob Lancaster faced daily bullying in elementary school. Now he’s focus on his senior season with his teammates.

YAY: Jorik Hendrickx shares why coming out just days before the Olympics worked

After representing Belgium in Sochi, Hendrickx shared his truth with the world days ahead of the 2018 Games.

YAY: How Orlando Pride defender Toni Pressley is using her battle with breast cancer to empower women

Pressley, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, wants to empower women to take care of their bodies.

YAY: Five years after publicly coming out, ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez has found power in sharing

Gutierrez shares stories of triumph and tragedy, hoping his honesty can bring people together.

YAY: RFU England upholds inclusion policies below elite rugby

England governing body for Rugby says more study is needed and inclusion must be a prime consideration.

YAY: This queer college rower wanted to find the LGBT athletes at her school, so she started her own club

Megan Duthart founded Washington State University’s Cougar Pride Student-Athlete Alliance, and it’s already attracted another queer rower to campus.

YAY: Stephanie Shostak makes the right calls as a ref and as an advocate

This trans volleyball official upholds the law on the court and wants to help make better laws for her community in Alberta.

YAY: Coming out as bi+ carries its own set of obstacles, but they aren’t insurmountable

Bi+ wrestlers Russell Rogue, Keita Murray, Solo Darling and Jared Evans discuss issues facing bi+ people when coming out for National Coming Out Day.

YAY: Oct. 22: How to start a campus group to support LGBTQ athletes

Four college athletes join us to share their experiences building support groups for LGBTQ student-athletes.

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