December is here, after such a long year!

Each day has felt like a week, each week… you get the idea

But be of good cheer! The Outsports list is here

With stories of athletes: gays, lesbians, bi, trans and queer:

Winners enjoy hot cocoa, and losers get warm beer!

Hot Cocoa: Steve Kornacki will break down the NFL playoff picture for NBC Sports

Steve Kornacki

The political analyst, who is gay, brings his talents to analyze the NFL playoff possibilities this Sunday.

Warm Beer: That time Steve Kornacki got in trouble for drawing a familiar shape

NBC Sports might want to avoid asking out gay national political correspondent Steve Kornacki to draw maps when he appears on its football broadcast this weekend.

Hot Cocoa: A gay Christian from Oklahoma finds identity and niche as athletics administrator at Stanford

Working on a video highlighting LGTBQ sports equality in Kentucky was the catalyst for Justin Mathis to begin his coming out journey.

Warm Beer: Closeted gay male pro athletes who haven’t followed in the footsteps of retired out gay heroes

Dave Kopay is the latest retired gay male athlete to ask why there aren’t more openly gay players in elite team sports.

2 Cups of Hot Cocoa: Pat Patterson was a powerful gay voice in the WWE, and that made all the difference

R.I.P. Pat Patterson, 1941-2020

Pat Patterson has passed away, leaving a legacy that had a profound impact on me and so many others.

Pat Patterson’s legacy lives on through the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement

Patterson did it all in pro wrestling, proving that LGBTQ identities belong in every sector of the industry.

Warm Beer: Beyond Sen. Kelly Loeffler: Checking the receipts of WNBA owners

Swish Appeal reports WNBA owners generally lean Democratic. But can the political activism of WNBA players be just as impactful as the high-dollar.

Hot Cocoa: Gay golf pro comes out to change perceptions in conservative sport

Kyle Winn

Golf ‘at its core is a conservative white straight cis-male dominated industry,’ says Kyle Winn. ‘It has gotten better, but we have a long way to go.’

Hot Cocoa: Ji Wallace became an Olympic hero 20 years ago, before coming out as gay

Wallace won a silver medal in the first-ever Olympic trampoline competition, all in front of his home crowd.

Hot Cocoa: Amateur bowler comes out and follows through on a comeback

Christine Rebstock

Decorated amateur bowler Christine Rebstock is beginning to live her truth and bring her game back to life as well. Rebstock beams up to The Trans Sporter Room next week!

Hot Cocoa: This trailblazing trans athlete was Australia’s toughest prison guard, and now she wants to inspire

Kirsti Miller was a national sports star growing up. In the second half of her life, she wants to increase visibility for trans kids everywhere.

Hot Cocoa: Meet 3 out HIV+ athletes: A bodybuilder, a triathlete and the world’s greatest diver

Left to right: Olympian Greg Louganis, Bodybuilder Raif Derrazi and Triathlete Josh Hipps.

For World AIDS Day, HIV+ Olympic legend Greg Louganis, International bodybuilder Raif Derrazi, who is living with AIDS and U.S.A.F. 1st Lt. Josh Hipps, a triathlete, shared their challenges and achievements while living with HIV.

Hot Cocoa: SF Giants took the lead in promoting AIDS awareness through ‘Until There’s A Cure Day’

In 1994, the Giants set an example for the rest of baseball by devoting a game to HIV/AIDS charities. They’ve continued it every year since.

Hot Cocoa: Rainbow Laces: A small symbol making a big impact

A variety of Rainbow Laces are now available.

Boxing title contender Kristen Fraser says Stonewall U.K.’s campaign is changing the conversation.

Hot Cocoa: Sarah Fuller is destroying barriers, and that’s huge for LGBTQ athletes

Fuller’s success as Vanderbilt’s kicker shows the best players can be anybody.

Hot Cocoa: 2 gay coaches help gay dads navigate their kids’ interest in sports

We chatted with 2 gay dads who are coaches, co-presented by Gays With Kids.

Hot Cocoa: After coming out as HIV+, Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas is honored at British LGBT awards

Gareth Thomas

Thomas was honored as a sports personality at this year’s British LGBT awards for his HIV advocacy.

Hot Cocoa: Natasha Cloud, Anya Packer and Matt Lynch give Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ some LGBTQ flair

Cloud, Packer and Lynch were honored for their advocacy in multiple cultural causes.

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