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Michael Gunning thought 2020 would be his first Olympics. Now he’s aiming for 2021

Swimmer Michael Gunning is quarantined by coronavirus, without a pool and with extra time on his hands.

Michael Gunning is now adjusting his Olympic dreams to focus on Tokyo in 2021.

Michael Gunning has been focused for the last four years on earning a spot in the pool of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Now his dreams of his first Olympic Games, like those of so many others, are on hold for another year.

Gunning joins me on this week’s episode of the Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast to talk about how the coronavirus delay to the Olympics has affected him emotionally, as well as how it has changed his training. Hint: He won’t be in the pool anytime soon.

He also shares why he represents Jamaica while living in Manchester, England, and why donning the green and gold instead of the union jack has added meaning for him as a gay man.

You can listen to my conversation with Michael Gunning on the megaphone player, or by clicking over to Apple podcasts for an easy browser player. Five Rings To Rule Them All is also available on Google Podcasts, Spotify and many more platforms. Just search for Outsports wherever you get your podcast.