The Olympic Games — and the Summer Olympics in particular — have long been a favorite of Outsports readers. Yes, there’s something to the storytelling that comes with the Olympics, but there’s also another undeniable component that is inherent in the Games: Fit athletes wearing revealing uniforms.

On this week’s episode of Five Rings To Rule Them All, Outsports deputy managing editor and sports broadcaster Alex Reimer stops by to talk about the attraction of the LGBTQ community to the Summer Olympics, and how much of that is physical attraction to the athletes in sports like swimming, diving, gymnastics and track and field.

We also talk about the role of “thirst” as a sports journalist, and how much time and energy should be spent on that by “serious” journalists.

Plus we’d be remiss if we didn’t hit on the coronavirus and the potential role it could have in canceling these Summer Games.

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