On a personal note: I could easily call myself The Biggest Loser this week, and not because I’ve lost 10 pounds since the coronavirus crisis began more than a month ago. No, it’s because I’m stuck in bed having fallen down a flight of stairs at home, and fortunately only scraped my arm, bruised my tailbone and pulled a muscle in my leg. The fall was a week ago but the muscle popped last night, and the Urgent Care doctor’s orders are to RICE: rest, ice, compress and elevate. On the other hand, I’m a winner for not hurting myself any worse!

Also, the meds are goooood.

So, enough about me: it’s way late on a Saturday afternoon for my weekly look at the week that was: the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities in LGBT sports who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them.

Of course, my roster may differ from yours, and so I welcome your comments, contributions and critiques. I read them all! Details on how to reach me are below, after our look at this week’s stay at home winners, ignoring government guidelines losers and hopefuls who wear masks every time they are going to be in public spaces.

We begin with a young out athlete who lost an opportunity but won a ton of respect in doing so, and has a lot of reasons to be hopeful.

Hopeful: A gay slur. A punch. Now a queer soccer player is suspended, and everyone wants to fix it.

When Henry Bethell heard a gay slur in an NCAA soccer match for the second time last season, he took matters into his own hands.

Losers (of fat): Tom Daley is keeping you in-shape while quarantined with his 10-minute ‘Daley Workout’

The Olympic diver’s ‘Daley Workout’ helps you use common household items for a quarantined home workout.

Winners: Newly-rebranded Warwick Rowers help make quarantine more endurable

Now known as Worldwide Roar, the WR provide needed entertainment through their newsletter and social media. And pics. Lots of pics.

Winners: Allie Quigley and her wife Courtney Vandersloot did us proud in NBA HORSE challenge on ESPN

The Chicago Sky guard joined Tamika Catchings in repping the WNBA at the shooting competition on Monday. And when Allie Quigley competed in Thursday night’s NBA HORSE Challenge semifinals, she didn’t defeat the Chicago BullsZach LaVine, but ESPN properly acknowledged her wife and teammate, Courtney Vandersloot. About time!

We are Losing: Why is there no data on how the coronavirus is impacting the LGBT community?

LGBT medical researcher Sean Cahill says the lack of information creates barriers to providing care.

Hopeful: ACLU files lawsuit challenging Idaho’s trans athlete ban

After Idaho became the first state to bar trans athletes from competing in school sports, the ACLU fires back by taking them to federal court.

Winner: Charlie Martin to line up for Formula E sim racing series.

Trans racer Charlie Martin’s seat time in a Formula E car on the line in Race At Home Challenge will benefit UNICEF.

Feeling the loss: Pro soccer player was two days into her first camp when her dream was put on hold

Coronavirus LGBTQ impact: Carly Nelson had just begun her pro soccer career when the shutdown hit.

Hopeful: This Olympian had coronavirus. She says the pain was ‘soul-destroying.’

Shelley Holroyd has had many injuries and illnesses in her life. None were like her weeks of hell, alone in her bed.

Winner: Transphobia won’t stop esports athlete Mystearica

May “Mystearica” Peterson is currently recognized as the top ranked Smash Ultimate player in the state of Indiana.

Feeling the loss: For college broadcaster and referee, going from nonstop to nothing was hardest part

Coronavirus impact: Eric Bach was enjoying a busy spring sports season at Michigan State until the lockdown happened.

Hopeful: This drag queen has found a home in the New York Gay Football League for the last 15 years

Ms. Jacqueline Dupree belts tunes like Whitney and catches balls like Gronk. And everywhere she goes, people smile.

Feeling mixed emotions: For gay college tennis player, a lost senior season reminds her of ‘a love-hate relationship’

Monmouth University senior Caroline Mattise, who came out in a first-person essay for Outsports earlier this year, says she carries mix emotions about her college tennis career.

Hopeful: Openly gay city council candidate Akil Patterson is fighting for NCAA winter student-athletes to regain lost semester

Patterson, a former college football player and Greco Roman wrestler, has started a change.org petition to advocate for winter-sport student-athletes to receive eligibility extensions.

Loser: Dana White is fighting the wrong fight

Secret private islands, pushing to continue holding events and challenging the coronavirus to ‘bring it’ aren’t the way to fight a global health crisis.

Hopeful: Out Athlete Fund launches LGBT+ college runner grant with support from International Front Runners

During social distancing, many are turning to running for physical activity and social connection.

Winners: Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe keep singin’

For the third week running, Megan Rapinoe and her girlfriend Sue Bird serenaded Instagram Live fans with a song as part of their #ATouchMore series.

FABULOUS WINNERS: Until the real Games return, we have Sam Smith and Demi Lovato and a queer AF Olympics

Sam Smith’s music video with Demi Lovato. “I’m Ready,” imagines a queer Olympics with athletes in stilettos, bustiers and so much more.

Losers: WWE and Vince McMahon keep mishandling coronavirus response

WWE’s large swath of talent releases and furloughs were just the latest in a series of events that display the company’s controversial approach to business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Winners: This Minor League Baseball team made the most of a missed Opening Day

The Hartford Yard Goats celebrated what would have been the start of the 2020 season with donations to a food bank and first responders.

Hopeful: Jake Atlas to compete for WWE’s interim NXT Cruiserweight championship

Atlas and seven others will enter a two-stage tournament to crown an interim champion while current champion Jordan Devlin remains in Ireland due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Winner! When your friend has the best reaction to your coming out announcement

On “The 3 Strikes, You’re Out” podcast, Ken Schultz shares what he called “the most thoughtful and nuanced response to my coming out story” he’s ever heard.

Hopeful: Gay ex-football player looks to make his mark as athletic trainer

With a newfound sense of confidence as a gay man, Kevin Pereira pursues his athletic passion.

Winners: On Jackie Robinson Day, we salute the young LGBTQ athletes leading the way

Young athletes continue to lead on LGBTQ acceptance in sports.

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