Eric Radford was the first publicly out gay man to win gold in a Winter Olympics just days into the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea. He followed that up with a bronze medal days later.

What did he do to celebrate? He grabbed his now-husband (the two were engaged to marry at the time), Luis Fenero, and disappeared. And it worked out better than Radford could have imagined.

On the latest episode of the Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast, Radford talks about that magical week when he made history and inspired millions, and what exactly he and Fenero did away from the Olympic Village. Plus he talks about his career as a professional figure skater being put on hold by the current pandemic.

He also shares insights about his burgeoning music career, including scoring the music for a film for the first time, as well as looking to get behind the DJ both as he produces EDM music.

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