This was another week that was heavy on the heart, from George Floyd’s funeral to ongoing unrest and police brutality as well as an uptick in the cases of coronavirus. So who better to turn to for a happy ending to a truly sick and disturbing case of homophobia and transphobia, than Adam Rippon?

The Olympic medalist responded via social media to a rant by Russian figure skater Alexei Yagudin in a way that just shows why he was absolutely correct when he named himself “America’s Sweetheart.”

Yagudin apparently got wind of Rippon’s $1,000 donation to a charitable organization, the Okra Project, which benefits black trans people. According to Pink News and The Advocate, the 2002 Olympic champion branded Rippon “awful and disgusting” for doing such a thing, adding: “Adam! When will you die? Earth’s mistake!”

Alexei, you’d better take a seat.

Rippon responded: “Because of that I feel INSPIRED to donate another $1000 to the @TheOkraProject but this time, in his name.” He noted that the Russian skater issued an apology, but Rippon said he won’t accept, noting that racism, homophobia and transphobia are rampant in sports.

Rippon summed it all up in a video on Instagram and in a series of tweets:

Here’s Rippon in his own words. Note that there are five parts, four videos and a screengrab of the second $1,000 donation Rippon made in Yagudin’s name. And just so you know, it’s in the fourth video that Rippon tells Yagudin to shove his comments and Olympic gold medal “up his entire ass.”

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