Roger Brigham may be most known for his coaching and wrestling on the mat, in addition to decades of sports writing and working with the Federation of Gay Games.

But those closest to him also know him for his delectable food dishes.

Now Brigham is sharing his recipes with the world in his new cookbook, Recipes for Life and Other Disasters.

Brigham said he started working on the cookbook in 2017. Various health issues and being on dialysis, he thought at one point he’d never live to finish writing the book. Yet a transplant and Brigham’s patented persistence paid off.

Now three years later he’s still going strong, seeing the publication of the cookbook that has been a passion project.

“I’m known to strangers mostly from the work I’ve done in sports and journalism,” Brigham told Outsports, “but those closest to me always tell me how much they cherish the chance to enjoy my food, so this is a wonderful way to share that experience.”

Brigham said many of the recipes are his interpretations of dishes you might find at a restaurant. And he’s proud to share with people some of the “wonderful” cuisine from Cuba and Puerto Rico, introduced to him by his husband Eduardo’s family.

The book is also full of original recipes created by Brigham in his home kitchen.

“I am proudest of my completely original recipes, such as my sesame bombs, which are a rather addictive, not sweet cookie; and my poppy seed cardamom cake.”

Those two recipes seem worth the cost of admission alone.

Brigham’ cookbook is available on Amazon’s Kindle for just $7.95, or in paperback for $25.

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