Happy Labor Day weekend! Here’s this week’s list of winners — aka hot dogs — and losers — a big ol’ bowl of beans.

Hot dog: Hosting Pride games may reduce anti-gay language used by athletes, per studies

Two studies out of Australia suggest teams that host pro-LGBTQ events experience less homophobic language by players.

Beans: Wrestler New Jack rejects drag queen daughter Washington Heights

Washington Heights

‘I just want him to be proud of me even if he is lying about it… just make it seem like you care.’

Hot dog: LGBTQ kids who play sports likelier to have more self-esteem and better grades, study shows

The Trevor Project’s second annual mental health survey of LGBTQ youth shows the benefits of sports participation.

Hot dog: Pro golf’s first trans player is still searching for the perfect trans-inclusion policy

Mianne Bagger saw her game change after transitioning. She advocates for more studies of trans athletes.

Hot dog: U.S. Sailing to host panel on LGBTQ diversity, equity and inclusion

Stephanie Helms and other sailors compete.

Four LGBT sailing enthusiasts will share their personal and professional perspectives and provide recommendations to sailing organizations on being more inclusive.

Beans: World Rugby proposed ban has met its match: trans rugby players fighting back

As World Rugby considers banning trans women from women’s rugby, various trans ruggers are speaking out.

Hot dog: This D1 college football player came out to his teammates by literally coming out of a closet

Jaden Vazquez

Jaden Vazquez is now helping LGBTQ athletes by co-leading a new Fordham student-athlete-support group.

Hot dog: Olympian Nicola Adams will become first person to dance with same-sex partner on popular British dancing show

The two-time gold medalist told the BBC she only intended to dance on “Strictly Come Dancing” if she could dance with another woman. The boxer retired in November rather than risk partial blindness due to an eye injury in the ring. She was named Outsports Female Athlete of the Year in 2016. More recently, she has become an outspoken opponent of transgender inclusion.

Hot dog: Queer swimmer Theresa Goh advocates for Singapore’s LGBTQ community

Theresa Goh

Theresa Goh became a legend in Singapore by winning gold at the 2006 IPC World Championships. Now she’s pushing for LGBTQ visibility in her home country.

Hot dog with beans on the side: The flawed life of gay tennis icon Bill Tilden

Tilden was a superstar in his sport in the 1920s, but he died alone and largely forgotten amid scandal.

Hot dog: Blaseball builds an inclusive example for all sports to follow

Another sport has unexpectedly burst onto the scene. And isn’t even a sport. It’s a splort. The splort of Blaseball.

Hot dog: What it’s like to be gay in sports talk radio

Outsports deputy managing editor and host of The Sports Kiki podcast Alex Reimer connects with another gay sports talk guy, and they talk about their experiences in the high-pressure talk radio world.

Hot dog: Out wrestler Fred Rosser made his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut

‘Mr. No Days Off’ entered the King of Sports on Friday, Sept. 4.

Hot dog: Courtney Vandersloot sets WNBA assists record after wife Allie Quigley nails 3-pointer

Vandersloot recorded 18 assists Monday in the Sky’s victory over the Fever, with Quigley hitting the deciding three-pointer.

Hot dog: EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch is back to make wrestling gayer

The event originally scheduled for Wrestlemania weekend in April will now be held on October 10 as part of The Collective.

Hot dog: Ballroom meets pro wrestling at Billy Dixon’s Paris Is Bumping

The forthcoming event Paris Is Bumping, aptly named after the documentary that brought ballroom culture to a wide audience, is the latest in a line of LGBTQ-led pro wrestling events aiming to bring new audiences and give the industry a evolutionary path.

Hot dogs: Join these winners in an insightful conversation with Asian and Asian Amercan LGBTQ athletes, Sept. 9

Joining the Sept. 9 conversation are golfer Tadd Fujikawa, athlete and activist Amazin LeThi, swimmer Schuyler Bailar and diver Lisa Coe.

Four Asian and Asian American LGBTQ athletes in sports about their unique struggles and triumphs.

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