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Out In The Ring extends We Speak Out fundraiser

The minds behind the LGBTQ pro wrestling documentary will continue raising money for the film and the Matthew Shepard Foundation through Feb. 13.

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Out In The Ring Out In The Ring

Saturday and Sunday saw the celebration of LGBTQ pro wrestling continue with Out In The Ring’s We Speak Out virtual fundraiser. The event brought together nearly 100 LGBTQ figures and allies within pro wrestling, wrestling media and beyond, for 24 hours of panels and giveaways.

All money raised benefits the Out In The Ring documentary and the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

The fun didn’t end on Sunday, though. Out In The Ring director/producer Ryan Levey announced that the fundraising raffle and auction will continue through Feb. 13.

Fans can purchase raffle tickets for various items donated by pro wrestling figures through the film’s GoGetFunding page. The auction, featuring ring worn items from pro wrestlers Brittany Wonder, Erica Leigh and Sgt. Dickson, is accessible via 32auctions.