We love when two best friends are getting married. Kansas City NWSL executives Jen Fusci and Amanda Zanghi announced their engagement recently, breaking the news on Twitter.

“Today was pretty perfect … I get to marry my best friend y’all,” Fusci wrote.

Fusci is the Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service at KC NWSL, and Zanghi works as the team’s Director of Partnerships & Activation.

While NWSL commissioner Lisa Baird said last year LGBTQ pride is “foundational” to the league, it hasn’t always been that way, writes Meg Linehan of The Athletic. As an upstart league, the NWSL used to shy away from a formal Pride month. But that is no longer the case. All eight teams celebrated Pride in some fashion last season.

Fusci says they’ve received nothing but love from the NWSL community.

“It’s been incredible!,” she said. “We feel so fortunate to have so much love and support.”

Love must be in the air around the NWSL, because two of the league’s most well-known super fans recently got married as well. The women behind “Gal Pal Sports,” Lesley Ryder and Emily Anderson, shared their big scoop last weekend.

“The support has been absolutely lovely and overwhelming in the best way,” they said in a Twitter DM. “We really didn’t expect the news to go beyond our circle of friends, but it was a nice pocket of positivity to live in for a little bit.”

It’s always great when LGBTQ people so openly identify with their sports fandom, and their favorite leagues. As we know, it’s still relatively new for LGBTQ folks to be embraced in these spaces. Look no further than the NWHL, and how far it’s come over the last handful of years.

These two couples are leading the way for a more inclusive future in women’s soccer, one euphoric photograph at a time.