Megan Rapinoe has a message for Olympian turned candidate for governor of California Caitlyn Jenner: “You were an exceptional athlete. You’re not an exceptional politician.”

The USWNT star talked with Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco, the hosts of The Cooligans on the fubo Sports Network about politics and how it’s become a popularity contest.

“It takes a ton of skill and institutional knowledge,” Rapinoe said. “Those people are talented politicians. I think people need to think of it that way. They actually have a talent for doing the politicking. I love talking about politics from my perspective, from my lane. I honestly think It’s become too much of a popularity [contest]. I probably could be a representative of some kind, win a district here or there, but am I really the best person to be doing that? Maybe I can just talk about the person who is actually the best person to be doing that.”

Rapinoe did not rule out higher office, however.

“Unless it’s the president, and then probably, I’ll just do it.”

Watch Megan Rapinoe talk with The Cooligans on fubo Sports Network or you can view the full interview on YouTube.