Aleksandra Jarmolińska is an LGBTQ athlete competing in shooting at the Tokyo Olympic Games for her country of Poland. The latest world rankings have her at sixth, within shot of a medal.

Yet maybe what Jarmolińska wants most is to legally marry her girlfriend.

The publicly out athlete competing in women’s skeet is not shy about her same-sex relationship, and she is not shy talking about wanting to legally marry.

Just a few days ago she was featured in this video for Miłość Nie Wyklucza, an organization that is fighting for same-sex marriage rights in Poland.

While we don’t speak Polish (though Jim Buzinski has many connections to the culture), this is how Google translated the transcription of her speech by the organization:

“Hello, my name is Aleksandra Jarmolińska and I will represent Poland in shooting at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. I’m showing love because I’m getting married soon. I love my future wife both privately and officially – at home, at work, at competitions, during the Olympics and I represent Poland and I want to have equal rights in it, including the right to have my marriage recognized, the right to safe family life, simply to equality.

“I want to be able to compete in the white and red colors, knowing that my country treats me properly with dignity. I support equality in marriage for everyone, because … Love does not exclude.”

Give the woman a gold medal for love and advocacy!

At the 2016 Rio Olympics Games she finished 12th overall. She’s looking to improve that finish and possibly land a medal for the very country that will not let her legally marry her girlfriend.

Personally, she also clearly has a penchant for board games. We’re here for it!

You can follow Jarmolińska on Instagram.