Outsports had a great year in 2022, breaking important stories and elevating the presence of LGBTQ athletes and fans around major sporting events like the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

Here are our 20 most-read stories of the year:

1) U.S. men’s bobsled team made an almost-nude calendar to pay for the Olympics

2) Tara Lipinski misgendered Timothy LeDuc on NBC. And we can all learn from it

3) 6 truths and myths circulating about Lia Thomas, trans athletes and women’s swimming

4) Brittney Griner is being mocked for her detention

5) These 33 trans athletes have competed openly in college

6) At least 36 out LGBTQ athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics, a record

7) Former MLB pitcher TJ House comes out with emotional public announcement about his engagement to his boyfriend

8) Who is the real Thom Brennaman, and does he deserve a second chance?

9) Johnny Weir translating Russian in real time after Kamila Valieva’s fall was broadcasting brilliance

10) A gay NBA fan found 78 homophobic tweets by 40 players on 23 teams

11) Byron Perkins, D1 Hampton University football player, comes out as gay

12) Trans swimmers Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig went head-to-head in the pool, each getting wins

13) There are 8 out gay male skaters at the Olympics. In 2014, there were 0.

14) Carolina Panthers hire NFL’s first transgender cheerleader

15) These 18 trans women have won national or international competitions or championships

16) Lamar Jackson deletes tweet where he used gay slur against a fan

17) A man is competing in Division I women’s swimming, but it isn’t Lia Thomas

18) Mexico booted from the World Cup as their fans insist on chanting a gay slur in Qatar

19) Golf pro-turned-law student Maya Reddy spoke out amid college swim controversy

20) USMNT uses rainbow logo at World Cup as big middle finger to Qatar and FIFA