Mexico fans once again screamed their favorite gay slur during Team Mexico’s World Cup Qualifier Thursday against the U.S.

Unfortunately, we’re not kidding.

Late in the match, fans started chanting the word “puto” as the clock ticked down. “Puto” is a gay slur that’s been banned by FIFA; yet, Mexico fans keep yelling it.

NPR reports the public address announcer tried to drown out the crowd, but to no avail.

The latest round of “puto” chants come just two months after the Mexican Football Federation announced fans who chant gay slurs will be banned from stadiums for five years. The FMF devised a Fan ID system to more easily identify individuals who run afoul of the ban.

The system was in use Thursday, but apparently fans weren’t deterred, despite FIFA sanctions. Capacity was limited Thursday at Estadio Azteca so officials could better control the crowd.

Obviously, that did not work out so well.

While “puto” is often shouted at opposing players, one report out of Mexico says fans planned on social media to direct the offensive chant at their own players, due to anger over various FMF policies.

They really showed them, huh? Taking away World Cup points from Mexico, or some other severe penalty, must be the next step.