Independent pro wrestler Zeb Saint became the latest grappler to add his name to the growing list of LGBTQ in-ring names when he came out as LGBTQ this week.

In what Saint dubbed a “self-discovery update,” the Washington State-based wrestler spoke publicly about this facet of his identity for the first time.

“I’m not straight,” Saint tweeted. “Lately I’ve found myself attracted to men and wanna live that truth.”

Saint also noted that he didn’t want to label his sexual orientation “at this point,” choosing rather to let his first step marinate as he continues to explore himself. “Just letting it be,” Saint said.

A known name in the Pacific Northwest, Saint has appeared regularly for multiple promotions in Washington and Oregon during the last four years, including Without A Cause, DOA Pro Wrestling, 5CC Wrestling and 321 Battle.

He also represents one-half of the tag team The Wrong Side with fellow wrestler Kristopher Brady, who was one of a number of peers to celebrate Saint’s announcement. “We talked about it in the car,” Brady said. “It’s always love on this side bruh.”

Referee and friend Devon Campbell, who himself came out as omnisexual last week, and out pro wrestlers Jai Vidal and Anton Voorhees offered words of encouragement as well.

“Just be you king and you’ll never regret anything when you’re on your death bed,” Vidal replied.

“Live it, bud,” added Voorhees.

Outsports congratulates Saint for showing his personal strength and proving again that Courage is Contagious.