All Elite Wrestling pro wrestler Jake Atlas is currently facing one charge of misdemeanor battery domestic violence in connection to an incident involving his partner on May 23.

According to police reports, Atlas, real name Kenny Marquez, and his partner (whose name Outsports has withheld) got into a “huge verbal argument” that allegedly escalated to a physical altercation initiated by the out pro wrestler at an Orlando-area residence. The argument reportedly started after Atlas believed his partner was showing more attention to a female friend after the two went to her home “to take part in sexual activities” at Atlas’ request.

The report states that Atlas’ partner met Atlas at a local bar and tried to get Atlas to leave the bar in the late hours of May 22. Atlas instead suggested they both go to the female friend’s residence. Atlas had been drinking with friends at the bar and continued drinking when he and his partner arrived at the female’s residence.

The verbal altercation allegedly turned physical when Atlas charged his partner. Another friend present at the residence stepped between them believing that “if he did not stop [Marquez], [Marquez] would have attacked” his partner.

Atlas again reportedly charged his partner outside the residence a short time later with the friend stepping between the two again. Atlas’ partner sustained a scratch on his left forearm and a torn tank top in the altercation.

Jake Atlas

Atlas’ partner contacted police after they, Atlas and the friend returned to the apartment shared by Atlas and his partner so Atlas could “get his dog and leave.” Atlas refused to leave the apartment and continued arguing with his partner despite being given multiple opportunities to leave.

According to the report, Atlas was arrested in the early morning hours of May 23 and did not cooperate with investigators when interviewed. He was charged soon after and was released without bond later that day on the condition that he have no contact with his partner and not possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs without a prescription. Atlas also signed an agreement requiring him to stay at least 500 feet from his partner.

The presence of domestic violence in queer relationships is often overlooked in discussions around the issue. According to a National Coalition Against Domestic Violence study, gay and bisexual men experience intimate partner violence at comparable or higher rates than heterosexual men. It also found that only 5% of LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence sought orders of protection.

Atlas is scheduled to be arraigned on June 28.

After stepping away from pro wrestling due to mental health issues in Fall 2021, Atlas signed a contract with AEW in January 2022. He injured his knee during his first televised match for the company, tearing his ACL while facing Adam Cole. Atlas has been rehabbing the injury after undergoing surgery for the injury in February.

Neither AEW nor Atlas has addressed the incident publicly.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, please contect the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or at Additional resources are available through the National Dating Abuse Hotline at 1-866-331-9474 or

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