Outsports contributor Brian Bell married longtime partner KC Covington in a beautiful ceremony near Portland, Ore., on Saturday.

The entire five-hour event was meticulously crafted by Brian and KC to ensure the moment reflected the two of them, their love, and the love and support they have from everyone around them. Mission accomplished.

The ceremony and reception were held at the historic Ainsworth House & Gardens, surrounded by about 70 friends and family. The two exchanged rings under a giant pine tree as the sun pushed through branches to warm the crowd.

At the center of it all were Brian and KC, each dressed in wedding garb that was colorful and reflective of their nonbinary identities. Each wore some form of a flowing dress, with KC’s covered in florals and Brian’s attire solid pink and purple, with its own flourishes.

Each of them also wore flowers in their hair. Brian’s floral crown was particularly unique, fashioned by designer Val Quartz — the purveyor of Daryl Apparyl — out of the attire of various LGBT professional wrestlers. Brian has become the leading journalist in the LGBT pro-wrestling space.

KC and Brian share a kiss as newlyweds.

There was a ton of levity, laughs and tears throughout the ceremony and reception — again, reflective of the couple. The music selection was pure Brian and KC. Gone were the traditional marches, replaced by upbeat hip-hop, dance, some pop — including the entire wedding ceremony. As my husband whispered to me during the ceremony, “This is so much better than Pachelbel’s Canon.”

KC’s sister Becca delivered a laugh-filled toast full of hysterical stories of potential murder and people trading their souls for KC’s delectable baked goods (which people confirmed they did).

Following that laugh-filled toast, Brian’s mom, Denise, brought the house to tears with stories of Brian’s courage growing up with long hair in Georgia and refusing to conform to other people’s rules for them — All the while teaching the family lessons of self-expression and acceptance.

Other friends shared memories of the two, including through poetry.

After an evening of dancing, the couple is now headed on a honeymoon before returning home to reality and married life.

We at Outsports couldn’t be happier for Brian and KC, and we hope they and their cats have many decades of laughs, play sessions with the cats and successful Dungeons and Dragons campaigns together.