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Jake Atlas returns to pro wrestling, signs with All Elite Wrestling

After four months away from the ring, Jake Atlas has found a new pro wrestling home in All Elite Wrestling

Attendee ejected from AEW Dynamite for targeted transphobia toward Nyla Rose

The man, sitting front row on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite broadcast, held a transphobic sign targeted at Nyla Rose.

Out WWE star Sonya Deville still pushing for ‘organic’ on-screen LGBTQ representation

Sonya Deville keeps the conversation around authentic LGBTQ storytelling in WWE going: ‘It’s just a part of life."

A fan called AEW’s Anthony Bowens a gay slur during a match, and Bowens responded perfectly

Out AEW wrestler Anthony Bowens responded after a fan directed a homophobic slur at him live on AEW Dynamite.

QWI 200: The best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, Top 20

We’ve reached the end of the QWI 200, the top 20 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021.

QWI 200: The best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, #50-21

Day six of the 2021 QWI 200 breaks into the top 50 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of the year.

QWI 200: The best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, #80-51

Day five of the QWI 200 delivers another 30 top LGBTQ pro wrestlers.

QWI 200: The best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, #110-81

The QWI 200 cracks the top 100 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021 on day four.

QWI 200: The best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, rankings 140-111

The QWI 200, Outsports’ chronicle of the top 200 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, nears the halfway point.

QWI 200: The best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, 170-141

The LGBTQ pro wrestling honors continue with day two of the 2021 QWI 200 list.

QWI 200: The best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, rankings 200-171

Outsports’ list of the top 200 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021 starts here.

Pro Wrestling VIBE announces Pride & VIBE Weekend, the first LGBTQ pro wrestling weekend festival

Pro Wrestling VIBE’s Pride & VIBE Weekend will host two supershows, including the return of the Cassandro Cup, on June 17-18, 2022.

Coming out pushed pro wrestling rookie Sazzy Boatright to her best

Self-professed ‘baby gay’ Sazzy Boatright came out during the pandemic and is living her best queer wrestling life.

Out pro wrestler Mercedes Martinez’s evolutionary mission leads her to Impact Knockouts title match

Mercedes Martinez will challenge Impact Knockouts champion Mickie James at Saturday’s Turning Point event

Trans wrestling trailblazer Amber Jo is going for her first championship belt

Nearly two years after her debut, she’s slated for a title match on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Out pro wrestler Jai Vidal’s breakout year continues with Impact Wrestling debut

Jai Vidal brings his authentic self, Louis Vuitton gear and Power Bottom Bomb included, to Impact Wrestling debut Thursday night.

Jenna Burkert feared being a stereotype. Now she fights for gold, an out and proud inspiration

Jenna Burkert resisted coming out for fear of being a stereotype. Now she is an inspiration competing for the USA.

WWE referee Shawn Bennett comes out as gay on National Coming Out Day

Shawn Bennett, who referees WWE matches on "Raw," is living out and proud as his true self.

Former WWE pro wrestler Stallion Rogers dropped by multiple promotions, apologizes after transphobic comments resurface

Rogers’ transphobic comments and derisive remarks regarding the #SpeakingOut movement resurfaced on Friday.

Jamie Senegal is first trans woman to compete in Impact Wrestling, fulfills ‘dream’

Jamie Senegal will become the first out trans woman to compete in Impact Wrestling at Saturday’s Knockouts Knockdown event.

Enjoy Wrestling’s ‘Night Moves’ embodies its inclusive approach to pro wrestling

A diverse roster will be on display when Enjoy Wrestling hosts its first event with full attendance, "Night Moves," on Friday.

This gay wrestler came out in 1999 at Catholic school in West Virginia, and was embraced

Carlin Yetts says his teammates always had his back, even though he was different than all of them.

Out pro wrestler Connelly finds solace in pro wrestling

"Mad Dog" Connelly infused his mental health struggles into his character as a way to own them, and he hopes it starts a similar conversation for those who watch him.

Pro Wrestling After Dark’s Taste The Rainbow is all about Pride

Pro Wrestling After Dark’s Taste The Rainbow event will benefit new Atlantic City LGBTQ organization, AC Pride.

Pro wrestler Chris Kanyon’s story cannot be told without LGBTQ voices

Kanyon, one of the first out gay wrestlers, is the subject of the latest episode of Vice’s ‘Dark Side of the Ring,’ but the absence of LGBTQ voices in telling his story is unacceptable.

Pro wrestler ‘Miami Ice’ Rolando Perez comes out as bisexual

The New South Pro Wrestling regular came out as bisexual in devilish fashion.

Pro wrestler Jake Atlas, prominent figure in LGBTQ wrestling movement, steps away from the ring indefinitely

Citing mental health struggles, Jake Atlas is stepping away from pro wrestling for the forseeable future, leaving a legacy of LGBTQ representation in his wake.

Out engaged wrestlers Jetta, Charlie Morgan deliver magic at Wrestle Queendom 4

Jetta’s Pro Wrestling EVE title win and Charlie Morgan’s surprise return from retirement highlighted Friday’s Wrestle Queendom 4.

Trans pro wrestler Jamie Senegal is ready to make history at NWA EmPowerrr

Jamie Senegal will become the first out trans woman to ever to wrestle for the NWA at Saturday’s all-women’s pay-per-view, NWA EmPowerrr.

Former UFC fighter Alistair Overeem goes anti-gay in describing pro wrestling

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani Monday, Overeem described pro wrestling as ‘gay.’

Paris Is Bumping: Solid Gold ‘21 was pro wrestling’s chosen family reunion

Billy Dixon’s ‘Pose’ meets pro wrestling event was a communal experience defined by a joy of self-expression seldom seen in pro wrestling.

Out pro wrestling creator J-Rose thrives on helping others ‘get where they want to get’

Through his work with Paradigm Pro Wrestling and creating No Hook, J-Rose uses his voice and mind to help build up his peers.


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