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Pro wrestler Chris Kanyon’s story cannot be told without LGBTQ voices

Kanyon, one of the first out gay wrestlers, is the subject of the latest episode of Vice’s ‘Dark Side of the Ring,’ but the absence of LGBTQ voices in telling his story is unacceptable.

Pro wrestler ‘Miami Ice’ Rolando Perez comes out as bisexual

The New South Pro Wrestling regular came out as bisexual in devilish fashion.

Pro wrestler Jake Atlas, prominent figure in LGBTQ wrestling movement, steps away from the ring indefinitely

Citing mental health struggles, Jake Atlas is stepping away from pro wrestling for the forseeable future, leaving a legacy of LGBTQ representation in his wake.

Out engaged wrestlers Jetta, Charlie Morgan deliver magic at Wrestle Queendom 4

Jetta’s Pro Wrestling EVE title win and Charlie Morgan’s surprise return from retirement highlighted Friday’s Wrestle Queendom 4.

Trans pro wrestler Jamie Senegal is ready to make history at NWA EmPowerrr

Jamie Senegal will become the first out trans woman to ever to wrestle for the NWA at Saturday’s all-women’s pay-per-view, NWA EmPowerrr.

Former UFC fighter Alistair Overeem goes anti-gay in describing pro wrestling

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani Monday, Overeem described pro wrestling as ‘gay.’

Paris Is Bumping: Solid Gold ‘21 was pro wrestling’s chosen family reunion

Billy Dixon’s ‘Pose’ meets pro wrestling event was a communal experience defined by a joy of self-expression seldom seen in pro wrestling.

Out pro wrestling creator J-Rose thrives on helping others ‘get where they want to get’

Through his work with Paradigm Pro Wrestling and creating No Hook, J-Rose uses his voice and mind to help build up his peers.

Out gay Impact Wrestling superfan Miguel Contreras feels seen by the promotion he loves

Contreras, a former pro wrestler himself, won Impact Wrestling’s #ImpactSuperFan contest earlier this month.

Trans pro wrestling trailblazer Mariah Moreno is bouquet-worthy at Paris is Bumping

Flowers are on order for trans pro wrestling trailblazer Mariah Moreno at Paris is Bumping: Solid Gold ‘21.

LGBTQ-led wrestling promotion Hoodslam returning in August

Oakland’s favorite pro wrestling experience will hold its first event since March 2020 on Friday, Aug. 6.

16 pro wrestlers rang in Pride month by coming out as LGBTQ

16 pro wrestlers came out and publicly joined the LGBTQ family in the first few days of Pride month.

Out pro wrestler Killian McMurphy brings Pride to the Gooniverse at Camp Leapfrog’s Killianvision

McMurphy is trading in rainbow optics for the ‘cartoon logic’ of his fellow Goons at Camp Leapfrog’s Pride show, Killianvision.

Ryse Wrestling cuts ties with announcers over on-air misgendering of talent

Commentators Paul Atlas and Jim LaMotta will not participate in future Ryse Wrestling events after continually misgendering Stephanie "Commander" Sterling on-air Saturday.

Out pro wrestler Da Shade crowned first Princex of Pride champion

Da Shade won the Princex of Pride title after a one-day tournament at Sunday’s Full Queer event.

New pro wrestling promotion Combat Fights Unlimited is another step in LGBTQ self-creation

Out first-time promoter and CFU founder Mayydayy created CFU because no one was making the kind of pro wrestling they wanted to see.

Out pro wrestler Dark Sheik’s Fearless event marks a return and evolution in the name of empowerment

Dark Sheik is ready to unleash her close-knit community of Fearless pro wrestling ‘superheroes’ to celebrate Pride.

WWE pro wrestler Toni Storm comes out as bisexual

The former NXT UK Women’s champion is "bi and it feels good to say it."

Juneteenth pro wrestling events bolstered by Black LGBTQ voices

Ohio Wrestling Alliance, Paradigm Pro Wrestling, Unsanctioned Pro, Black Wrestlers Matter 2 and Black Girl Magik properly reflect the vibrance Black LGBTQ voices bring.

Full Queer puts the West Coast’s LGBTQ pro wrestling community center stage

Out pro wrestler and Full Queer producer "Marcomania" Marco Rodriguez wants to highlight growing LGBTQ wrestlers while sparking conversations about LGBTQ history.

New documentary ‘Cassius: Pride of Brighton’ sparkles in the pro wrestling spotlight

The film documents the rise of out British pro wrestler Cassius to claim Riptide Wrestling’s Pride of Brighton championship.

Kayla Miracle is the first out LGBTQ Olympic wrestler, and she’s headed to Tokyo

Kayla Miracle has dreamed of representing Team USA an Olympian since she was 4. She’ll fulfill that dream in Tokyo.

Out pro wrestler Parrow brings Pride to deathmatch wrestling with Fear The Gay Agenda

Orlando-based No Peace Underground will host Parrow and EFFY’s LGBTQ no-ring deathmatch event on June 11.

‘The Life of Edith Surreal’ documentary transcends pro wrestling

IWTV’s ‘The Life of Edith Surreal’ gives wrestling fans an inside look at trans pro wrestler Edith Surreal and her transition.

Pro wrestler Jack Andrews comes out as gay in spiritual fashion

Andrews rose to prominence in recent years in Paradigm Pro Wrestling and Unsanctioned Pro as one half of The Awesome Odyssey.

Trans pro wrestler Amber Jo made history in her first match, but wrestling gave her so much more

‘The Notorious Angel’ Amber Jo became the first out trans woman to wrestle for top British wrestling promotion Revolution Pro in her debut match.

After not feeling ‘queer enough’ kept him closeted, pro wrestler Logan Black found camaraderie in coming out

Out pro wrestler Logan Black found the response to his coming out ‘overwhelming in the best way.’

Lesbian visibility in pro wrestling is the product of defiance

Sandy Parker and Susan Green laid a foundation for today’s lesbian pro wrestlers to demand more authenticity and visibility.

MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3 was a pro wrestling baptism

From pansexual Pride to championship victories to displays of defiant spirits, all involved in MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3 came up out the water anew.

A gay polyamorous storyline empowered out wrestler Leo London to come out publicly

Canadian/Greek pro wrestler Leo London’s time in The Gentlemen’s Club stable helped him see the importance of actual LGBTQ people portraying LGBTQ characters in wrestling.

Out wrestler MV Young wants Polyam Cult Party 3 to be ‘undeniable’

‘If I have the ability to make these really big events that feel really big… we can get all these performers to have huge growth.’

The 25 best LGBTQ matches from WrestleMania week

Nearly every event during Wrestlemania week 2021 featured LGBTQ talent. Here are the best the week had to offer.


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