The Peoria Rivermen of the ECHL released player Louie Rowe over the weekend for sharing extreme anti-LGBTQ content on Twitter over a period of several days.

Rowe was released on Friday, after he insulted the Kalamazoo Rings for temporarily outfitting their logo in rainbow colors to celebrate Pride Night — like many teams across pro sports. But the commonplace gesture triggered Rowe.

“I knew the Kwings were soft but I didn’t know they were gay, trans and soft,” he tweeted, via the Peoria Journal Star.

In addition, Rowe attacked the Rings for clapping back at a homophobic tweet.

“Our organization does not condone that language, nor do we support that point of view or behavior,” said Rivermen co-owner Bart Rogers. “Those things do not represent the beliefs of our team, our partners nor our fans, nor the great sport we play. It does not represent the values of our organization.”

Rowe doubled down after his release, tweeting the following: “Any organization that has a problem with the truth is no organization that I want to represent anyway.”

The 28-year-old Michigan native signed with the Rivermen earlier this month after playing for another ECHL squad, the Fort Wayne Comets.

In recent days, Rowe has spread a deluge of anti-LGBTQ hate on his Twitter page, leaving no doubt where he stands.

Judging by the content, and volume of these tweets, it’s fair to surmise that Rowe is vehemently homophobic.

It’s been a rough stretch for pro hockey in terms of LGBTQ inclusivity. Last week, Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov refused to wear an LGBTQ Pride jersey during warmups ahead of the team’s Pride Night.