Halloween and the gays. It’s like vodka and cranberry juice. Christmas and Mariah. Laverne and Shirley.

So when the big day (or for the gay, the big week) comes around, we know the gay ghouls and goblins will be out in full force on Santa Monica Blvd… and Instagram.

And with this year’s “I hate going to gay Halloween parties…” meme in full hysterical swing, we’re paying more attention than ever to who (oh yeah, and what) people are wearing. And if any of the LGBTQ athletes exemplify the popular 2023 Halloween meme, look no further than Olympian John Fennell as — wait for it — the Microsoft Office paperclip assistant

Another Olympian, Hannah Wilkinson, clearly had an accident

Diver Aidan Faminoff as a vampire

Baseball player Anderson Comas as a very tall vampire

Rower Hana Anderson and girlfriend as Woody and Buzz

Climber Aidan Hyman as a glittery cowboy

Swimmer Josh Sorbe is offering you a deal

Swimmer Thomas Vanderbrook is a scream

Former NFL player RK Russell is a top. gun.

Former college swimmer Mike Del Moro is a Power Ranger

If you see out athletes, coaches or others in sports donning their gay apparel for Halloween, feel free to share it with us here or on social media at X or Instagram.