Brittney Griner’s story of being detained in Russia for almost a year will be the subject of a documentary film and scripted series, produced by the Walt Disney Company.

“The last two years have been the most harrowing, transformative and illuminating period of my life, and I am grateful to be in a place now to share my story with the world,” Griner said in a statement via ESPN. “I’m proud to partner with ESPN and Disney to share this very personal story because of its incredible potential to inspire hope around the world and their proven ability to do just that.”

The deal also involves a televised sit-down interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts.

Griner was arrested with a small amount of cannabis. A reported doctor’s note about her use was apparently not enough for Russian authorities, who threw the proverbial book at her with a (ridiculous) nine-year prison sentence.

Griner was released last December in a prisoner swap that involved the return of arms dealer Viktor Bout to Russia.

“From the circumstances that led to her playing outside the U.S. despite being one of the best players in the sport to her harrowing detainment and the unwavering determination to secure her freedom,” Disney said, “as well as her subsequent advocacy for the release of other wrongful detainees, the documentary will feature exclusive footage, recordings and letters to and from Griner during her time in prison.”

Now home with her wife, Cherelle, who will serve as executive producer on the projects, the two women are reflecting on a year of horror, and the last year of gratitude for being reunited.

Meanwhile, we’re already getting our popcorn ready for what should be some incredible storytelling.