Jackson Harrison is a champion once more. The out, nonbinary gymnast won the GymACT team title with Arizona State Men’s Gymnastics over the weekend, edging out the University of Washington and Texas.

It was a much more satisfying ending than last season, when Iowa snapped the Sun Devils’ 14-consecutive winning streak.

“Ending this season in a much different position than we did last year,” Harrison wrote on Twitter. “This year, we end with love, gratitude, and as national champions. Thank to everyone, thank you to my team, and there is still so much gymnastics ahead of us. I cannot wait,”

Harrison, a junior, wrote their coming out story for Outsports in 2021. In it, they say they “won the gay lottery” in terms of the support they’ve received on ASU’s campus.

“The ASU men’s gymnastics team is a family and when I moved here, I became part of that family, full queerness and all,” they wrote.

Though ASU cut men’s gymnastics as a varsity sport in 1993, they’ve remained competitive. The Sun Devils’ long-time coach, Scott Barclay, founded the championship tournament, GymACT, that ASU just won.

“I’m grateful for all he has done for the sport of men’s gymnastics. He really has changed the sport completely, and kind of saved it, in a way,” Harrison told Outsports last year.

It’s apparent that Harrison loves their time on the mat. Their Instagram page is filled with pictures and videos of them competing, and slaying, at the highest level.

Harrison says this is the best they’ve ever felt after a long season.

“This is the first time i’ve ended season and like missed competing and the stress of competition and all the work that goes into preparation,” they tweeted.

Congratulations to Harrison and the ASU squad. May more championships be in their future.