Former Cincinnati Bengals player, Chad Johnson, walks on the field during warmups before the game against the Los Angeles Rams in September. | Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Johnson, aka Ocho Cinco, was so confident that the Kansas City Chiefs would win Super Bowl LVIII, he made some pretty bold statements about what he was putting on the line if he was wrong.

“If the Chiefs lose, I’ll divorce my wife and no more sex for the rest of the year,” Johnson said.

He also promised to never eat McDonald’s again. Johnson has McDonald’s listed in his X bio.

It’s telling that two of those things — divorcing his wife and never again eating Chicken McNuggets — were permanent, while he was only willing to give up sex for the rest of the year.

A man can go only so far.

Last year, Johnson and former teammate Terrell Owens (imagine those two personalities in the locker room at the same time) talked about a particular trip they took to the Dominican Republic, during which — they claim — they had a 12-hour orgy with 17 women.


Johnson was sweating just a bit during the game, as the Chiefs fell behind, 10-0, early in the game, and then needed a last-minute field goal just to send the game to overtime.

Mahomes threw a 3-yard pass to Mecole Hardman with 3 seconds left in the first overtime period to win the game.

And save Ochocinco’s sex life, at least for 2024.

Whether he saved his marriage? While there is plenty online about his engagement to reality show veteran Sharelle Rosado, there’s not a peep about them actually getting married. Though the couple was seen at NFL Honors together last week ahead of the Super Bowl.

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