Musa Toure has said he rejects LGBTQ Pride on the soccer pitch because he's a 'Muslim first.' | Mark Brake/Getty Images

Professional soccer player Musa Toure has launched into an anti-LGBTQ screed, saying that he is “a Muslim before anything” and rejects “Pride.”

F”or the Muslim brothers and sisters Im an Adelaide United player but also I’m a Muslim before anything. I do not support the pride round,” Toure wrote. The Daily Mail has the screen grab.

Toure’s teammate is out gay pro soccer player Josh Cavallo.

Of course, Toure is now backtracking and offering an “apology” that was simply meant to cover his own bigoted beliefs and not get canned by the club.

“I want to apologise for me comments on social media in relation to this weekend’s Pride celebration,” Toure posted on Instagram, as reported by the Star Observer.

“Having spoken to my teammates and my club, I understand that my comments were hurtful and insensitive and for this, I’m hugely sorry. At my club, a lot has been done to ensure all players and fans feel included and can be themselves.” 

For his part, Cavallo is celebrating his league’s Pride round.

Toure is 18 years old and has lived his whole life in Australia.

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