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Howard Bragman, publicist for gay athletes and Hollywood stars, has died. He leaves a powerful legacy.

Howard Bragman helped people come out, live their truth, and was a dear friend and confidant for many.

One of the most decorated gay athletes of all time passed away Christmas Eve

Kathy Whitworth won more single-tour professional golf tournaments than any other man or woman in history.

Gay Olympic diving star dies at 32

Brazilian diver Ian Matos, who came out in 2014, died of a lung infection.

Pat Patterson’s legacy lives on through the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement

Patterson did it all in pro wrestling, proving that LGBTQ identities belong in every sector of the industry.

Pat Patterson was a powerful gay voice in the WWE, and that made all the difference

Pat Patterson has passed away, leaving a legacy that had a profound impact on me and so many others.

Paralympian Angela Madsen dies trying to cross the Pacific Ocean

Madsen won a Paralympic bronze medal and competed in various sports in the Paralympic Games.

Former NFL trainer David Price, who saved Ryan O’Callaghan’s life, has died

Price helped O’Callaghan get some much-needed psychological help with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Out gay Washington Nationals staffer Steve Reed has died

Nationals honor Reed with moment of silence

Mark Kari, creator of, has passed away

Kari, who had ALS, used his life to educate others.

Marc Naimark of the Gay Games has died

Marc Naimark worked tirelessly to improve the world for LGBT athletes through the Gay Games.

Frisbee inventor Fred Morrison dies