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How celebrity fitness instructor Jason Wimberly became ‘The Naked Trainer’

Wimberly, who’s taught nearly 8,000 fitness classes, underwent an epiphany following a personal tragedy.

How Peloton star Cody Rigsby uses fitness to spread positivity and gay cheer

Rigsby’s stardom continues to grow with the launch of his new series, "LOL Cody."

NordicTrack will no longer ask this transphobic question

When Erin Parisi’s NordicTrack treadmill asked her "Which is your biological sex?" the out trans athlete turned to Athlete Ally and Outsports for help.

Chris Mosier’s advice for managing stress and relieving anxiety: take a walk

"Whenever I’m feeling itchy and in the house, I know it’s time to move around, it’s time for a walk," Mosier tells USA Today. "It’s such a great anxiety reliever."

Shuttered gyms across the U.S. are still charging members, and facing lawsuits

Openly gay Boston attorney Michael Stefanilo Jr., whose firm is leading one of the class action suits, says these practices are clear-cut violations of consumer protection laws.

LGBT Sports winners of the week

Each week, Outsports’ managing editor selects the winners, losers and hopefuls from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage. This holiday weekend, everybody’s a winner.

Trans fitness model Carmen Carrera’s next step promotes trans inclusion

Transgender fitness model Carmen Carrera says, ‘We all feel the same burn.’

My workout with Richard Simmons