Time once again for Outsports to stop the clock for an instant reply of the week that was. It’s my way of memorializing the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them. Last week I added a new category: “hopefuls,” but this holiday weekend, everybody’s a winner.

I realize my roster may differ from yours, and I welcome your comments, contributions and critiques. I read them all! Details on how to reach me are below, after our look at the week’s winners, losers and hopefuls.

WINNERS: Megan Rapinoe announces Sports Illustrated’s 2019 Sportskid of the Year

Ally Sentnor of Massachusetts is SI Kids 2019 Sportskid of the Year, and her hero Megan Rapinoe is the one who told her she won.

WINNERS: LGBTQ couple Kiera Hogan and Diamante make history with WOW tag team title victory

Under the names Fire and Adrenaline, the two became the first out LGBTQ couple to win tag team gold together.

WINNER: Robbie Rogers talks TV, family and the thrill and heartbreak of his Olympic experience

Robbie Rogers competed for the United States in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He still feels the joy and heartbreak today.

WINNERS: Rainbow Laces take the pitch for inclusive sport

British sport adds rainbows to the sports week palette.

WINNERS: Overwhelming number of Premier League players celebrate inclusion with Rainbow Laces

The simple act of wearing Rainbow Laces makes a difference in helping the Premier League show its LGBTQ fans they’re welcome.

WINNER: For gay swimmer Michael Gunning, coming out made him a better athlete and possible Olympian

Michael Gunning set a record for Jamaica just months after coming out as gay and may have set himself up for the Olympics.

WINNER: Out soccer ref Ryan Atkin tells closeted athletes: ‘The culture is changing’

UK Referee Ryan Atkin is a trailblazer who says he is actively looking for gay athletes to come out when they’re ready.

WINNER: Trans fitness model Carmen Carrera’s next step promotes trans inclusion

Transgender fitness model Carmen Carrera says, ‘We all feel the same burn.’ Carrera’s next step is into entrepreneurship with the launch of her own resistance bands.

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