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figure skating

Gay athletes won gold and bronze at Figure Skating World Championships

Guillaume Cizeron won ice dance gold with Gabriella Papadakis, as pairs skater Eric Radford took home bronze.

Out Olympian Paul Poirier wants to change narratives around sports and inspire LGBTQ people to be their true selves

Poirier talks with Outsports about merging part of his personal and professional lives. Up next is the World Championships.

Timothy LeDuc, first out non-binary Winter Olympian, breaks the binary in Beijing

Team USA’s Timothy LeDuc shows the world how non-binary athletes fit into the gendered sport of figure skating.

Johnny Weir translating Russian in real time after Kamila Valieva’s fall was broadcasting brilliance

Give the man an Emmy.

Timothy LeDuc gives Olympic broadcasters another chance to respect non-binary identities

After misgendering controversies during the Summer Olympics, broadcasters must learn from their mistakes and properly affirm LeDuc’s identity.

There have been at least 39 gay Olympic figure skaters. Here’s the list

Guillaume Cizeron is the sixth gay man to win Olympic gold in figure skating.

Gay skater Guillaume Cizeron posted an adorable photo with his gold medal

Cizeron, who set a world record in ice dance, can’t believe his Olympics experience isn’t a dream.

Alysa Liu supports the LGBTQ community and shines in the Winter Olympics

Alysa Liu embraces the LGBTQ community on social media with pronouns and the celebration of Pride.

Gay skater Guillaume Cizeron wins ice dancing gold with Gabriella Papadakis

Cizeron and Papadakis dazzled as they dominate the ice dancing competition.

Guillaume Cizeron and partner partner Gabriella Papadakis have set an ice dance world record at the Winter Olympics

Cizeron and Papadakis lead the ice dance competition headed into the free skate.

Nathan Chen celebrates Elton John’s catalogue while winning Olympic gold

In Beijing, U.S. Figure Skating’s biggest star said Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and hello to a gold medal.

Donovan Carrillo skates the same way he has handled ‘gay’ teasing: with a big smile

Carrillo has talked about being called ‘gay’ (he’s not), and he couldn’t have handled it with more grace.

Jason Brown in final group of Olympics free skate a year after coming out

Already with a bronze medal from Sochi, Brown is skating as part of Team LGBTQ and Team USA in Beijing.

Paul Poirier aims for an Olympic medal less than a year after coming out as gay

Poirier and skating partner Piper Gilles won a bronze at Worlds last year.

Was Johnny Weir an ‘out’ gay athlete when he competed at the Olympics over a decade ago?

Johnny Weir brought glitz and glam before there was Adam Rippon and 2022’s trove of out figure skaters.

There are 8 out gay male skaters at the Olympics. In 2014, there were 0.

The out skaters feel comfortable within their sport and also want to inspire others.

Outsports LGBTQ guide to Olympic Figure Skating

Outsports spoke with out figure skater Christoper Caluza to learn what to expect from his LGBTQ peers at the Beijing Games.

Record number of out figure skaters, first out non-binary athlete, headed to Winter Olympics

There are nine skaters and four out coaches, along with one reserve, a record for an Olympics.

Lewis Gibson talks for the first time about being gay and married, on eve of the Olympics

Lewis Gibson and ice dancing partner Lilah Fear will represent Team Great Britain at the Beijing Olympics.

Adam Rippon, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala got married in an L.A. suburb on New Year’s Eve

The American figure skater and his new husband decided on the spur of the moment to get married on New Year’s Eve.

Back from injury, out figure skater Kévin Aymoz looks to make his mark in Beijing

The French Olympian is ready to get back on the ice months after publicly sharing his coming out story.

Pairs skaters Eric Radford, Vanessa James get negative COVID result, will compete at Olympic trials

Canadian pairs skaters Eric Radford and Vanessa James have received negative COVID-19 results and will compete.

Eric Radford has returned to competition, headed to his third Olympics

Radford has won Olympic gold, silver and bronze. It would be the 4th Olympics for his new partner, Vanessa James.

Karina Manta’s new book, On Top of Glass, shares stories of her skating life and teenage girlhood

Manta is out in figure skating and sharing her stories and insights in her new book.

Figure skater Nathan Chen apologizes for homophobic remarks

The American figure skater expressed frustration with stereotypes of being a straight skater in a ‘homosexual-dominated sport’ and then apologized.

6 French athletes, including 3 current Olympians, come out for Pride month

Six elite French athletes came out at once in a TV documentary. They include three current Olympian and a gold medal winner.

Three Olympic figure skaters come out — 2 gay men and 1 queer woman

Three figure skaters, American Jason Brown and Canadians Paul Poirier and Kaitlyn Weaver, came out as gay and queer for Pride Month.

Adam Rippon announces engagement to longtime boyfriend

Three years after a right swipe on Tinder, Rippon and his partner are tying the knot.

Bisexual/pansexual Team USA figure skater Amber Glenn wins silver

Sports Equality’s new weekly wrap-up video tells the stories of Amber Glenn, Timothy LeDuc, Ashley Cain, Kena Gilmour and Devin Ibanez.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: John Curry wins world figure skating championships after being outed

Every day in October we’re looking back at the athletes, coaches and events that made LGBTQ sports history.

Adam Rippon enters the world of TV comedy

NBC makes a script commitment to the Olympic medalist and media star.

Jorik Hendrickx shares why coming out just days before the Olympics worked

After representing Belgium in Sochi, Hendrickx shared his truth with the world days ahead of the 2018 Games.