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gay athletes

Gay player gets Rugby World Cup honor for tournament opener

Cyril Leroy, the founder of gay rugby club Les Gaillards, talks to Outsports about being given a ‘humbling’ role for the big France vs New Zealand game.

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Zander Murray feels ‘powerful’ a year after coming out as gay

Exclusive: The Scottish striker is one of very few active male pro soccer players anywhere in the world to be out as LGBTQ. He talks to Outsports ahead of the U.K.’s Football Pride event.

Why this gay pro athlete thinks coming out is so important

‘To be open, out, and proud is how we pave the way for a new generation of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion,’ sport climber Campbell Harrison says.

Why are there so few openly gay male athletes in sports? We asked ChatGPT

The AI bot gave accurate and fairly detailed answers to two questions we asked but wouldn’t take the bait on which players are hot.

Former pro Australian basketball player Trevor Torrance publicly comes out as gay

Torrance, who played at the height of the AIDS epidemic, is finally free to tell his story.

Gay Olympian Tom Bosworth cries, thanks supporters in emotional post-race video

The British race-walker delivered one of the most poignant moments of the entire Olympics.

NCAA’s Sedona Prince of viral TikTok fame shares her coming out story

In a new interview, the Oregon Ducks forward speaks on activism, gay visibility, and using their TikTok platform to speak out.

We celebrated the historic achievements of girls and women in LGBTQ sports in March

Every day in March, Outsports marked Women’s History Month by highlighting the contributions of out female-identified LGBTQ athletes.

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Gay slur from a fan and game of Hangman with teammates inspired college athlete to come out

After coming out at her Maryland college, Lindsey Farrell "felt more connected to not only the sports community, but now my community as an LGBTQ+ member."

‘Singled Out’ shines in depicting Glenn Burke’s heroism and his tragic end

Andrew Maraniss’s new biography places Glenn Burke in his proper trailblazing context and shows how 1970s-era baseball conspired against him.

Read an exclusive excerpt from Singled Out: The True Story of Glenn Burke

The New York Times bestselling author Andrew Maraniss wrote a new biography of Glenn Burke, the first openly gay player in MLB.

Elite out female athletes explain why women’s sports are so inclusive

Natasha Cloud and Anya Packer say there’s widespread support throughout their leagues.

How this gay soccer player came out on TikTok

As a closeted athlete, Josh Leafer didn’t think there were other people like him. Then he started his own TikTok account.

This gay high school swimmer has mom coaching him every step of the way

Ben Quinn has thrived as an openly gay teenager in conservative Indiana.

This gay teenage cyclist is one of the first pro male riders to ever come out

Justin Laevens, who’s from Belgium, says he wants to be an example for other gay cyclists.

LGBTQ athletes and coaches respond to the deadly insurrection at the Capitol

It was already going to be a historic day. It turned out to be one of infamy and tragedy as well.

Collin Martin challenges male youth sports to be more inclusive

The openly gay pro soccer player says attitudes in male youth sports are holding gay athletes back.

Gay male hockey players are coming out in droves, and changing the sport’s culture

Many gay male hockey players and officials came out on Outsports this year. Together, they’re making the sport’s atavistic culture more inclusive.

Gay former English soccer captain says ‘acceptance’ is wrong word to use with LGBTQ people

Casey Stoney, who came out as gay in 2014, says she wants to be more than "accepted."

Derrick Gordon says opponent called him the ‘F-word’ during game

Gordon says the incident happened during a game Thursday. He’s currently playing professional basketball in Cyprus.

After being outed, this former college basketball captain found solace in Boston’s gay basketball league

When Quadry Allen was outed to his family, his brothers in the Boston Gay Basketball League took him in.

Some retired gay male athletes continue to be frustrated more haven’t come out after them

Dave Kopay is the latest retired gay male athlete to ask why there aren’t more openly gay players in elite team sports.

LGBTQ researcher has 2 theories on lack of openly gay players in male team sports

Researcher Rory Magrath says he thinks international travel and a possible dearth of elite gay male athletes are far more responsible than homophobia.

Collin Martin says there’s never been a better time for athletes to come out

The gay soccer pro says he doesn’t know what’s holding closeted athletes back.

Helen Carroll’s still in the game for inclusion

The former sports director for NCLR looked back and looked forward in The Trans Sporter Room podcast.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: Dave Kopay comes out

Every day during LGBTQ history month, we’ve told a story from our archive. We conclude our series with the NFL player who remains the most significant out gay athlete of our lifetime: Dave Kopay.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: Out gay diver Matthew Mitcham wins Olympic gold

Every day in October we’re looking back at the athletes, coaches and events that made LGBTQ sports history.

Former Division I football player Jake Bain featured in new ‘It Gets Better’ Project video

One of the first publicly out queer D-I athletes tells his story and offers encouragement to other who may be struggling as he once did.

USL suspends Junior Flemmings for using homophobic slur

Flemmings’ season, much like the San Diego Loyal’s, is effectively over.

The San Diego Loyal show powerful resistance from the new school

In walking off, the USL Loyal players walked tall against racism and homophobia.

‘We have a long way to go,’ says Collin Martin, target of anti-gay slur on the pitch

Support is streaming in for out soccer player Collin Martin, who reported a player’s homophobic slur to a referee. His San Diego Loyal teammates forfeited the match in protest.

Pernille Harder’s triple victory at UEFA Awards, Danish Rainbow Awards

The Danish footballer was honored by both the Danish Rainbow Awards and UEFA for her landmark year on and off the soccer pitch.