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This is why I’ve stopped ‘waiting’ for gay men to come out in pro sports

Gay pro athletes will come out when they want to. For whatever reason they aren’t right now.

This gay Major League Soccer referee is coming out to ease his mind

Pro soccer referee Matthew Nelson says ‘hiding the fact that I am gay was unproductive.’

Pride Nights in 2017 show LGBT community is returning the embrace of pro sports

This year has seen record-smashing ticket sales for pro-sports Pride Nights.

A gay soccer player talks about his Atlanta United match experiences

Will a Pride flag fly over an Atlanta MLS match?

Anti-gay ‘puto’ chants mar Atlanta United’s first MLS match

Some soccer fans continue homophobic chant.

The one thing that scares Robbie Rogers more than acting is Coulrophobia

Coulrophobia affects almost half of Americans.

Orlando City Soccer Club dedicates section in new stadium to Orlando Pulse victims

Rainbow seats, and a missing row, commemorate the attack on the LGBT community.

Yes, vulgar 'locker room talk' is real and prevalent

Sports figures have been painting locker rooms as high-class gatherings of gentlemen. We know that just isn’t true.

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Robbie Rogers & others tweet on 'locker room talk'

Out gay soccer player Robbie Rogers wasn't the only athlete tweeting about 'locker room talk' in the last week.

Great tweet from Robbie Rogers to Landon Donovan

Robbie Rogers made a powerful statement about his comfort as an openly gay athlete in Major League Soccer with this simple tweet.

Boston pro teams support trans-rights bill

All of the Big Five pro-sports teams in Massachusetts have gotten behind a bill to prevent discrimination of transgender people.

Former MLS Player Matt Hatzke comes out as gay

"If I have one regret," gay former San Jose Earthquakes player Matt Hatzke writes, "it's that I didn't live my life and share the real me with my teammates when I had the chance."

Huckabee: Obama shouldn't have called Michael Sam

Mike Huckabee told a crowd in Iowa that the President of the United States shouldn't be thanking gay people like Jason Collins, Michael Sam and Robbie Rogers for their courage.

Obama thanks Robbie Rogers for his inspiration

Robbie Rogers was thanked by President Barack Obama during the Los Angeles Galaxy's trip to the White House.

Read: Robbie Rogers book excerpt

In an exclusive excerpt from Robbie Rogers' memoir, 'Coming Out To Play,' the gay Major League Soccer player talks about learning as a child what made him different from the other boys.

Big games for Rogers, Derrick Gordon, Mitch Eby

The three openly gay athletes face the playoffs and a big tip-off tournament.

Robbie Rogers is back and aiming for a title

After suffering a hamstring injury, Rogers is back in the starting lineup for the Galaxy. He talks with Outsports about his struggles -- and triumphs -- of his transformational year.

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA & MLS join Spirit Day

Brittany McMillan's Spirit Day initiative will reach sports fans of virtually every major pro-sports league. Will we see purple on the NFL Network's Thursday Night Football?

Major League Soccer's 'Don't Cross the Line' fights discrimination of all types

Major League Soccer will end relationship with Boy Scouts


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