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Out Athletes

Tell your coming out story on Outsports

You can change the lives of LGBT athletes simply by telling your story. If you're an LGBT athlete, coach or sports administrator, and you're ready to share, we'd love for you to tell your story on Outsports.

Gay triathlete gave up baseball for love. Now he’s competed at the Ironman World Championship

Dylan Delacruz kept swimming, biking, and running Ironman qualifiers. This year, he got rewarded by making it to the World Championship in Hawaii.

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger are using their platform to help others be their true selves

Krieger and Harris talk with Outsports about endorsement deals, raising a family and their journey to coming out.

There are various personal reasons more gay male pro athletes have not come out. Here are 7 of them

Coming out is a personal choice. And everyone has different family and career experiences to navigate.

Soccer player Zander Murray finds new level of inspiration after coming out

In addition to gratitude from numerous LGBTQ soccer players and fans, Murray is welcomed to the community of out athletes by Tom Daley.

Carl Nassib is what he wanted to be: just another NFL player

The lack of fanfare around Nassib’s 2022 debut proved a point: Gay NFL players are NFL players first, when it comes to football.

Meet the 16 out gay and bi football players in the NFL’s 103-year history

Carl Nassib is the first to ever play a down as openly gay, but the rest are still trailblazers.

Fencing coach adjusts to genderqueer life in Missouri

After moving from the Northeast to Missouri, Abram Gregory transitioned from athlete to coach and from cisgender to genderqueer.

Solomon Bates has struck out 13 batters in just 6 innings, days after coming out

Bates has struck out more than half the batters he’s faced,

Daria Kasatkina wins first tournament since coming out as gay

Russian tennis star gets first tour win of the year and shares the moment with her girlfriend, Natalia Zabiiako.

At least 40 out athletes are competing at the Commonwealth Games

England leads the way for out athletes with at least nine. Two out athletes cannot marry in their home country.

Tom Daley uses Commonwealth Games to elevate LGBTQ activists and athletes

During the Opening Ceremony, Daley helped shine the spotlight on six LGBTQ figures from all over the Commonwealth.

Star linebacker, NFL draft prospect comes out

"I want to own my truth," Michael Sam says. The SEC co-defensive player of the year from the University of Missouri would be first openly gay active NFL player if drafted. He came out to his team last summer.

Record-setting college athlete says coming out as gay was the best thing he did for his career

Kade McCall has excelled at the hammer throw at Kansas State. Since coming out, he feels completely free.

Out goalie Anne Veenendaal helps Netherlands win third straight field hockey title

Dutch field hockey team cements status as the greatest in the sport, and a gay goalie plays a big part.

Gay player Luke Prokop shines as Edmonton wins Western Hockey League title

Prokop had a career year after coming out as gay and is now a champion as Edmonton wins Western Hockey League.

Commonwealth Games Pride House aims to provide safe space for LGBTQ athletes and activism

Pride House welcomes out athletes, including those from 36 countries where homosexuality is criminalized.

After coming out, gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby played better and got more offers from teams

Bryan Ruby was told that he wouldn’t get work in baseball if he came out. Now he’s showing the true path to inclusion.

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It's Pride, time to take LGBT playground inventory

Almost a quarter into the 21st Century, few men are in out in pro sports while the women are marrying each other.

Michael Sam makes return to football field, added to Barcelona Dragons roster

Michael Sam hasn’t played football since 2015. Now he’s back in a football uniform.

As WNBA tips off, 20% of players currently on rosters are LGBTQ and publicly out

1 in 5 WNBA players are publicly out as LGBTQ, possibly the highest of any pro league in the world.

Handball player comes out as gay, says his dream is to find ‘a handsome boy’

In his coming out post, this Norwegian athlete quoted the words of acceptance from the country’s king.

Out gymnast Sirena Linton is second-team All-American at NCAAs

The out athlete competed for the University of Arizona at the National Championships.

Why we’ll never have a ‘gay Jackie Robinson’

No. 42 was a special man at a special time in history.

Gay field hockey player Davis Atkin qualifies for Australia’s junior national team

After being outed last year, Davis Atkin is taking his hockey career to the next level.

Shaheen Holloway coaching Seton Hall years after recruiting gay player Derrick Gordon

The now-former Saint Peter’s coach was reportedly instrumental in bringing the out gay player to Seton Hall.

Gay athletes won gold and bronze at Figure Skating World Championships

Guillaume Cizeron won ice dance gold with Gabriella Papadakis, as pairs skater Eric Radford took home bronze.

Track team athlete Ty Wright is gay, Mormon and accepted at BYU

The high jumper says that despite BYU’s Honor Code, he has found his niche at the school while being out.

Out basketball player Courtney Thrun thrives in Brandeis’s culture of acceptance

After feeling repressed in her hometown, Thrun finds the open environment she’d been looking for under out head coach Carol Simon.

Out Olympian Paul Poirier wants to change narratives around sports and inspire LGBTQ people to be their true selves

Poirier talks with Outsports about merging part of his personal and professional lives. Up next is the World Championships.

Soccer league’s first-ever Pride Game shows the power of athletes coming out

The A-League will have its first-ever Pride Game just months after player Josh Cavallo came out as gay.

Out snowboarder Belle Brockhoff aims for gold in her third Olympics

In 2018, she could recovered from injury to compete. Now Brockhoff goes for the gold in Beijing.