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International Powerlifting Federation ejects USA Powerlifting over testing policies

IPF member nations dropped USAPL prior to world championships, after trans-inclusion disagreement.

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard’s Olympic hopes end in heartbreak

Three failed attempts for the first transgender woman to compete in the Olympic Games

Olympics refuse to back down: Trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will compete

Laurel Hubbard fairly earned a spot at the Tokyo Olympics, and the trans athlete will compete.

Pull For Pride grant campaign supports trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and intersex athletes

The Trans Sporter Room highlights the pioneering powerlifting grassroots effort taking applications for grants through June 25.

‘Trans women are women and that is that:’ JayCee Cooper plays offense in transgender athlete debate

Trans powerlifter JayCee Cooper notes sport is a human right in a TV interview.

Trans athlete JayCee Cooper to USA Powerlifting: See you in court

The next arena in transgender powerlifter JayCee Cooper’s two-year fight will be a courtroom.

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The Outsports Awards for 2020

Outsports named nine honorees in 2020, adding two new categories to recognize greater diversity and an inspiring moment.

Outsports Male Athlete of the Year: Rob Kearney

Rob Kearney is pound-for-pound the world’s strongest man, and proudly, openly gay. Also nominated: out wrestler Anthony Bowens.

USA Powerlifting’s new ‘MX’ category raises big hopes and bigger questions

Supporters see the all-inclusive division as a positive step, but critics says it's more of the same discrimination.

Saluting America’s LGBTQ athlete veterans; World’s Strongest Gay; Where did all the lesbian bars go?

The Huddle is your daily briefing on what’s new in LGBT sports news, the latest links and who’s in the social media spotlight.

How 3 queer ‘Disabled Girls Who Lift’ fight discrimination

The hosts of this sports and fitness podcast visit Outsports to talk about the state of disabled rights and parallels with trans athletes.

Powerlifter JayCee Cooper relies on resilience amid uncertain times

Coronavirus impact: Powerlifter JayCee Cooper remains ready to compete and speak out and but struggles with uncertainty

Celtics honor first openly gay strongman Rob Kearney during Pride Night

The Celtics recognized hometown LGBTQ sports trailblazer Rob Kearney as one of their "Heroes Among Us" during their second annual Pride Night earlier this month.

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The Outsports Awards for 2019

Who stood out this year in the the world of LGBTQ sports?

Outsports Female Heroes of the Year: Caster Semenya and JayCee Cooper

It’s a tie! Caster Semenya and JayCee Cooper faced adversity in their respective sports in 2019, but never quit pursuing their dreams.

Now 6 days a week: Outsports expands podcasts offerings

The world leader in LGBTQ sports coverage is now in your earbuds and headphones with podcasts 6 days a week.

Let’s focus on winners this week

Each week, Outsports’ managing editor selects the heroes and goats from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage. This week, we’re all about the winners.

EXCLUSIVE: Powerlifter JayCee Cooper on her fight to compete like any other woman

The Minnesota trans athlete who filed a discrimination claim against USA Powerlifting talks exclusively with Outsports now that her case is in mediation.

Inside the dispute between USA Powerlifting and a Minnesota trans woman athlete

We take an in-depth look at the discrimination claims made by a transgender powerlifter against the leading organization for that sport, and hear from the man who leads USAPL.

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USA Powerlifting’s ‘trans participation policy’ excludes trans lifters

Since January 2019, USAPL has excluded trans women lifters from competing with other women and any trans man who uses testosterone.

Lesbian weightlifter couple ties the knot by deadlifting over 250 pounds together

Lisa Yang and Zeena Hernandez picked up weightlifting as a date night activity. Then it became the symbol of their wedding.

USA Powerlifting and transgender athlete agree to talks related to trans ban

USA Powerlifting and lawyers representing a lifter who filed a discrimination complaint because of USAPL’s trans-exclusionary policy will attempt a settlement.

Powerlifted: Sports stars stand with JayCee Cooper

Megan Rapinoe is among those showing support for this trans woman’s quest to compete.

Winners and losers of the week in LGBTQ sports

Each week, Outsports’ managing editor selects the heroes and goats from the past seven days of LGBTQ sports coverage.

Gay Irish strongman and his fiancé celebrated Pride where marriage equality is banned

To Northern Ireland’s Chris McNaghten, Pride is "a celebration, not a protest."

This is why trans athletes compete in sports

While detractors focus on medals and ribbons, trans athletes participate in sports because it affirms them as people.

Everything you need to know about the USA Powerlifting trans athlete debate

Minnesota-based Gender Justice accuses USAPL of breaking state law by not allowing transgender powerlifter JayCee Cooper to compete.

USA Powerlifters overwhelmingly reject transgender inclusion

Transgender powerlifters and their allies vow to keep pressing USAPL to allow them to compete after losing in a landslide

Gyms where LGBTQ-friendly powerlifters thrive

Chicago’s Rockwell Barbell is just one of many inclusive gyms where all lifters are welcome

USA Powerlifters put trans inclusion to a vote

As the USAPL national board of governors meets, women members were asked to accept or reject a proposal to end the ban on trans athletes

Gay pro strongman Rob Kearney and husband Joey Aleixo read your tweets

We asked one of the world’s strongest men and his newlywed husband for their reactions to your tweets

Gay strongman Rob Kearney sets U.S. record in log press

Rob Kearney, one of the world’s strongest men, sets a record in the log press with his husband watching.