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Soccer news

Seattle Sounders take heat for new jerseys sponsored by medical provider with anti-trans history

After a fight Providence Swedish does offer trans health care today. Now some fans question the Sounders’ choice of sponsors.

NWSL permanently bans 4 coaches after investigation uncovered widespread abuse

The women’s pro soccer league, which has dozens of out players, is facing a full reckoning.

Another week, another anti-gay slur in English soccer

The ugly ‘Chelsea rent boy’ chant was uttered by fans of Manchester United this time.

Anti-gay chants mar another English soccer match, but these might be prosecuted

Authorities say they will prosecute fans for using homophobic chants.

Gay soccer writer details his experience in Qatar: ‘It was psychologically challenging’

The Athletic’s Adam Crafton says covering the World Cup in Qatar was jarring in many ways.

FIFA is Outsports 2022 Asshole of the Year

When it came to LGBTQ and human rights, the 2022 World Cup was an unmitigated disaster.

Mexico, whose fans refuse to stop chanting gay slurs, will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026

FIFA should put banning Mexico from its own World Cup on the table, if fans won’t stop the chant.

Soccer writer Grant Wahl died in Qatar of natural causes, had worn Pride shirt at World Cup

Wahl was covering the World Cup in Qatar, had said he felt a bit under the weather. People around the world have shared their love for him.

New Snapchat filter enables World Cup fans to post virtual Pride rainbows from Qatar

Thanks to the Pride Nation filter, soccer fans are using augmented reality to show their support for the LGBTQ community while watching the World Cup.

Was the World Cup ‘too big to... opt out’?

This sports executive raises questions about why companies like Coca-Cola opted to support the World Cup despite human-rights abuses in Qatar.

LGBT-inclusive countries doing better at World Cup than ‘Group of Death to Gays’ by every measure

More wins. More goals. Pro-gay countries at the World Cup are doing better than anti-gay nations.

FIFA investigating Mexico anti-gay chant before team was booted from the World Cup

Mexico gave up the eliminating goal just seconds after their fans chanted the gay slur yet again. FIFA is now investigating.

This gay British sports minister stood up to Qatar and FIFA and wore rainbows at the World Cup

Great Britain’s Stuart Andrew showed his Pride with a rainbow necktie and One Love armband while watching England vs. Wales.

Iran asks FIFA to remove the USA from the World Cup because they’re offended

Iran murders men for being gay and kills women who step out of line. The USA vs. Iran match is a clash of cultures.

Germany and world leaders ‘screw FIFA’ with Pride rainbow at World Cup amidst outcry

Defiant against FIFA and Qatar, German players and other dignitaries show support for inclusion and the LGBTQ community.

This gay Qatari started an LGBTQ soccer fan group to expose abuse in his home country

With the World Cup underway, Dr, Nasser Mohamed wants to use soccer as a way to elevate the silent voices of LGBTQ Qataris.

FIFA to Belgium: Remove ‘LOVE’ from World Cup jersey or be punished

FIFA claims edict due to commercial links with prominent music festival.

Qatar doesn’t hate rainbow colors, it hates gay people

The decision to harass journalists and fans wearing rainbow-themed attire shows the nation’s contempt for LGBTQ people.

World Cup teams won’t wear OneLove armband after FIFA threatens captains with yellow cards

Profiles in Cowardice.

USMNT uses rainbow logo at World Cup as big middle finger to FIFA and Qatar

The USMNT uses a rainbow logo at all team-managed facilities as a symbol of inclusion for the world to see.

What if World Cup officials spoke about the alcohol ban like they do about LGBTQ fans?

The sale of alcohol is prohibited at all World Cup venues. Here’s what it would look like if FIFA and Qatar offered drinkers the same lame soundbytes they’ve given our community.

This stream has:

World Cup 2022, gay athletes and LGBTQ inclusion

How are LGBTQ fans and rights intersecting and colliding with the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Outsports has the coverage.

There are 0 out gay players at the men’s World Cup. There were 40 women in 2019

Multiple reasons, from coaches to the location of the World Cup itself, are possible explanations for the disparity.

The Outsports gay-friendly World Cup rankings of all 32 teams

Want to know who to root for in the World Cup? We look at rights and threats to LGBTQ people in all 32 countries to give you a guide.

France captain Hugo Lloris suggests he won’t wear rainbow armband in Qatar

Lloris says he wants to be respectful of Qatar’s culture.

Here are 8 reasons LGBT people are concerned about the World Cup in Qatar

LGBT people have been told to stay away from the World Cup in Qatar. These are some of the reasons.

Qatar’s World Cup ambassador says homosexuality is ‘damage in the mind’

Khalid Salman, a former Qatari soccer player, says visitors must respect Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ laws.

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger are using their platform to help others be their true selves

Krieger and Harris talk with Outsports about endorsement deals, raising a family and their journey to coming out.

British tabloid is teasing that a former Premier League player will come out before the World Cup

The Sun, which has previously published erroneous rumors about gay English soccer players, says the ex-player is irate that Qatar is hosting the World Cup.

Top U.K. official tells gay fans to tone it down in Qatar

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly says LGBTQ soccer fans should adhere to the host country’s atavistic values for the upcoming World Cup.

Arsenal players looked awesome in their ‘Love Unites’ kits

They broke out the special tops for their match Sunday against Southampton.

Saudi Arabia’s purchase of Newcastle United shows the cost of sportswashing for LGBTQ fans

When Saudi Arabia’s PIF bought Newcastle, it created a tumultuous situation for LGBTQ fan group United With Pride.