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Soccer news

Scottish pro soccer player Zander Murray comes out as gay

Zander Murray says the great time he had going to a Pride event this year convinced him to come out as openly gay.

Soccer fans rally support for trans man who was murdered

Supporters of Bremen turned out to protest transphobic violence at a Pride event.

Fans rioted and tore down a Pride Flag after Champions League match

Five Marseille fans were arrested for the violence at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the U.K.

Gay pro soccer referee claims over 30% of male soccer players are gay or bi. Is that even possible?

Igor Benevenuto says we would be ‘surprised’ by the gay men in soccer. Yes, 30-40% would be a surprise.

Soccer player fined for using ‘gay’ as an insult after a loss

Marius Muller, a goalie in the Swiss league, apologized for statements equating playing soft defense with being gay.

Gay man from Qatar sounds alarm about coverage of the World Cup and LGBT oppression

Nasser Mohamed came out after leaving Qatar. Now he wants to help the LGBT community there.

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger adopt their first son

The USWNT and Gotham FC stars added a newborn boy to their family with the birth of Ocean Maeve Krieger-Harris.

FIFA referee Igor Benevenuto comes out as gay months before the World Cup

Benevenuto is a video match official in Brazil.

Megan Rapinoe awarded President Medal of Freedom, wears a suit to honor Brittney Griner

Megan Rapinoe was honored for her LGBTQ activism and used the day to highlight the plight of Brittney Griner.

Briana Scurry was ‘The Only’ Black or out-lesbian athlete on the 1999 USWNT

In her new book and film, Scurry opens up about the struggles that nearly ended her life.

Collin Martin says he had mixed feelings when his team forfeited a game after he was called an anti-gay slur

While Martin was touched by the support, the pro soccer player was uncomfortable being the center of attention.

Norwegian women’s soccer stands with LGBTQ community after attack at gay bar

Players from the Norway and New Zealand women’s national football teams wore black armbands in response to the shooting.

English soccer player Demi Stokes comes out using Instagram baby reveal

Stokes’s low-key coming out story also illustrates the differences LGBTQ athletes face in men’s and women’s soccer.

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Longtime soccer coach and executive finds liberation in coming out as gay

After widespread support from the soccer community, John Dorn wonders, ‘Why did it take me so long?’

Kristie Mewis on being ‘out’ at the Olympics, and those great photos with her girlfriend, Sam Kerr

Kristie Mewis talks about the importance of Title IX, being out and falling in love.

FIFA celebrates Pride, months before holding World Cup where being gay is illegal

FIFA is all rainbows this month, but in the fall its premier event is in Qatar, where homosexuality is against the law.

2 pro soccer referees come out as gay for Pride month

Craig Napier and Lloyd Wilson in Scotland say they are coming out to make soccer more inclusive.

U.S. Soccer has officially banned anti-LGBTQ chants

The new policy includes possible banishments for clubs whose fans engage in homophobic chants, and penalties for the match promoters.

From Harry Kane to Prince William, 17-year-old gay soccer player Jake Daniels awash in support

Since coming out as gay, pro soccer player Jake Daniels ‘overwhelmed by all the messages of love and support.’

Jake Daniels again proves widespread support for gay athletes

Stop talking about sports as bastions of homophobia. Sports are widely supportive of gay athletes who come out.

French soccer league player sits out game to avoid wearing Pride-themed uniform

For second year in a row, Paris Saint Germain’s Idrissa Gueye skipped the games where a rainbow-colored jersey was worn.

Pro soccer player Jake Daniels comes out as gay

Daniels says he has gotten huge support from his club and teammates.

Pro soccer player resurects the gay-panic shower nonsense

Gay athletes are sooooooo not scary in the shower. Yet we keep having to talk about this.

I’m a gay athlete and a sexual assault survivor

Couper Gunn says sexual assault can come in different forms. He describes his journey of coming to terms with what happened to him.

Out English soccer star Anita Asante retires with an incredible legacy of pushing for change

Asante was a trailblazer on and off the pitch. .

Angel City FC kicks off inaugural season with LGBTQ inclusion front-and-center

The newest women’s pro soccer club wants to welcome everyone. And they’re putting actions behind the words.

Lesbian head of Norwegian soccer says Qatar must suspend anti-LGBTQ laws during the World Cup

Lise Klaveness told FIFA that more must be done to protect human rights in Qatar. And She’s not backing down.

‘All Germans are gay.’ Dutch soccer chant won’t get scrutiny, officials say

The Royal Dutch Football Association says the chant was too "short-lived" to warrant further action.

Trans athlete Blair Hamilton named goalie for national women’s team

Hamilton will compete with the England Universities Sport Women’s soccer team.

Qatar might confiscate rainbow flags at World Cup to ‘protect’ LGBTQ fans

A head of World Cup security says flying pride flags would be an "insult the whole society" while arguing they might be confiscated for safety reasons.

All-trans soccer team set for history on the pitch on Trans Day of Visibility

TRUK United FC to meet regional league side Dulwich Hamlet FC for a historic match, March 31.

Coach could face longest ban in WSL history over homophobic slur

The incident occurred during a match between Birmingham City Women and Tottenham Spurs Women.


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