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Triathlete comes out by hoisting Pride Flag at Ironman World Championship

Ashley Carter achieved a personal milestone in Kona and acknowledged how courage is contagious as she thanked a recent Outsports interviewee.

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Gay triathlete Jack Bristow shines at Worlds, wants more LGBTQ visibility in the sport

Britain’s Jack Bristow, whose Pride rainbow-flag celebrations in triathlon have made headlines, impressed in his age-group in Spain last month. His advocacy remains strong too.

Gay triathlete gave up baseball for love. Now he’s competed at the Ironman World Championship

Dylan Delacruz kept swimming, biking, and running Ironman qualifiers. This year, he got rewarded by making it to the World Championship in Hawaii.

British Triathlon puts trans athletes in new ‘open’ competition category starting in 2023

Transgender and non-binary athletes will compete alongside cisgender men. Women’s division limited to athletes who are "the female sex at birth".

USA’s Hailey Danz races to silver in wild Paralympic women’s triathlon

Danz’s surge on the bike yielded a comeback medal for Team LGBTQ and Team USA.

Paralympic triathlete Hailey Danz finally ‘proud to be gay’

The triathlete thrived after she quit hiding and embraced who she was.

Meet 3 out HIV+ athletes: A bodybuilder, a triathlete and the world’s greatest diver

Read about the challenges and achievements of HIV+ Olympic legend Greg Louganis, International bodybuilder Raif Derrazi, who is living with AIDS and U.S.A.F. 1st Lt. Josh Hipps, a triathlete living with HIV.

Trans Awareness Week 2020: Be aware that we want to play and we want to live

Sports is a front in the fight for trans rights.

Gay triathlete embraces his place in the community

After vowing to be open about himself before running an Ironman, Hayden Reidy took his skills and endurance to the next level.

This is why trans athletes compete in sports

While detractors focus on medals and ribbons, trans athletes participate in sports because it affirms them as people.

Gay German athlete found coming out in triathlon more welcoming than he expected

Moritz Belmann has won medals in his age group at the European Championships. He has the full support of his team as a gay athlete.

Triathlon Union rescinds ban on rainbow flags at races

The International Triathlon Union has removed "sexual orientation" from a policy banning "propaganda" at events.

International Triathlon Union bans rainbow flags from all races

The ITU equates gay people waving rainbow flags at triathlons with bad sportsmanship and reduced safety.

Openly gay triathlete wins age group title at European championships

‘I was so proud to be an openly gay athlete and to achieve this,’ Jack Bristow says.

Chris Mosier earned a spot on Team USA for the fifth time

The trans athlete continues to blaze a trail in duathlon and triathlon.

Telling a fellow triathlete about his boyfriend showed gay athlete he was ready to come out

‘Any fears I had for the last seven years were gone,’ says Hayden Reidy.

Trans athlete Chris Mosier finishes 9th at World Championships

Mosier’s top-10 finish at World Duathlon Championships blazes another trail.

Olympic Channel launches new mini series on trans athletes

Five college and pro trans athletes are featured in ‘Identify.’

Chris Mosier earns All-American status

Mosier was ranked No. 13 in his duathlon age group.

Outsports Person of the Year: Chris Mosier

Chris Mosier succeeded athletically, driving policy changes and acceptance.

Gay Boise State volleyball president survived two suicide attempts and found happiness

Nick Bogar is a triathlete and president of the Boise State men’s club volleyball team.

Gay athlete raising money for Pulse victims

“Pulse was, and still is, an emblem for LGBT equality,” writes Phil Claudy, who will compete Sept. 25 to help OneOrlando.

Gay triathlete excelled after coming out

"I have found that there is this symbiotic relationship between my confidence and success as an athlete and my confidence and acceptance of my identity as a gay man."