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Fans, players deck out in pink to show support for openly gay Brazilian volleyball player

Last week we told you about the awful incident where 3,000 fans at a Brazilian pro volleyball playoff match taunted a gay player, Michael, with "faggot," which caused him to come out publicly after...

Carl Lewis is running...for New Jersey Senate. Will he address his sexual orientation?

Olympic superstar Carl Lewis on Monday announced his candidacy for the New Jersey State Senate. He didn't shy away from the obvious double entendre in his announcement: "When I run, as you see my...

Chicago is the team to beat in the East

Chicago has replaced Boston as the team to beat in the Eastern Conference (yes, we see you, Miami…you’re not there yet), and both teams have been dealing with injuries to their frontcourt this...

King of the Hardwood: Vote for the Final Four

Voting is now open in the Final Four of the King of the Hardwood contest, and the winner will either be a soccer player, a football player, a hockey player or a rugby player. In one bracket,...

Masters bars female reporter from the locker room on thrilling Sunday

The Masters Tournament is apologizing today for what they call a "misunderstanding" that kept a female reporter out of the locker room on the final day of the tournament. Bergen Record reporter...

Video: 3,000 Brazilian fans taunt pro gay volleyball player with chants of "faggot"

About 3,000 fans at a pro volleyball match in Brazil taunted one player repeatedly with chants of "bicha," which in Brazilian Portuguese is roughly the equivalent of "faggot" (see video below). The...

UConn's gay-straight athlete support group

We're discovering more and more college-based support groups for gay athletes; We'll have a great story on one next week featuring a very rare out men's college head coach! This is an old one we...

New York Times profiles Outsports

New York Times reporter John Branch profiles Outsports in a story that just moved on the Web and will be in the Friday print edition. We met John out in L.A. back in December and spent a delightful...

Women outscore men for championship

While Jim wrote Monday about the dreadful UConn-Butler men's national championship game, the women took center stage last night and put up 52 more points than the men could muster as Texas A&M won...

Video: Toronto Raptors Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans holding hands spurs homophobia

After the Raptors' big win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday, 102-98, cameras caught Leandro Barbosa grab the hand of Reggie Evans and walk into the locker room (video after the jump). While Barbosa...

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