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Are the Colts homos?

I had not known that the Indianapolis Colts were a homosexual NFL team (how would their ultra-religious coach Tony Dungy ever allow such a thing?). But at least one angry Jacksonville Jaguars fan thinks so after the Colts beat the Jags 28-25 (from the Jags message board):

I'm tired of of that band of homos.

I'm tired of their homo passing plays.

I'm tired of their homo fans spilling corn on this message board.

I'm tired of the homo NFL giving them breaks.

They can all line up single file and lick my butt.

The fan himself must have some gay yearnings since he desires a homosexual act to be performed on him (he also titled the post "Screw the Colts"). I knew there was a reason I was a Colts fan. --Jim Buzinski