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Sports roundup: Vikes to L.A., Parcells to Miami, Mike Greenberg everywhere

- LA Vikings: BoifromTroy has unearthed a story about bringing the Minnesota Vikings to the L.A. Coliseum. There have been plenty of rumblings in recent years about the Vikings, Saints, Cardinals and Chargers moving to L.A.; but the Coliseum still sits empty on Sundays. Says Outsports Vikes expert George Twins Fan: "LA fans seem to be pretty apathetic towards alot of their teams and I'm not sure I would follow them if they were to move. But I guess in this era, if they aren't going to get a new stadium then it might be best for them to move."

- One of our contributors, Ross Forman, recently completed his first marathon. Congrats to Ross! Better you than me.

- Parcells headed to Miami for some front office job with the Dolphins. Until next year when he decides to coach the Redskins.

- In case you haven't noticed, ESPN's latest "It" boy, Mike Greenberg, has been hosting ABC's "Duel" (it is neck-and-neck with "Clash of the Choirs" in the ratings - no joke) this week. Personally, I find this guy pretty consistent: He's boring as a radio host, he's boring as a SportsCenter host, and he's boring as a gameshow host. Not sure why, but Men's Fitness recently interviewed Greenberg.